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Sunday, November 18, 2012

VCO Liquid + VCO Collagen Catalyst


Happy Sunday!!!!!!!! Actually I'd received my VCO Liquid and VCO Collagen few days ago.. ok2.. semua orang dah guna and dah marvelous baru la aq ni tergedik2 nak try.. Well said, I'm always backward.. So this time after get restu from My Mom to try this product.. I'd ordered from online shop.. At first i wanna try SNE from Beaut Skin but it cost RM240/box..pengsan..pengsan.. So just ordered why my pocket money can afford hahaha.. Someday I wanna try SNE..!! but dont want to be as fair as Adira because that so pale n scary dude..but mom said "Alaahh, dia dah putih pakai jadi camtu la..hang gelap pakai nanti ok la cerah sikit"..

My Face were so tragic okey... come back from KL.. pimples pop-up without no mercy to me!.. Dah la BF lari..muka lak naik cemgini.. (apakah ia relatable??) lagi la sangat tragic.. PUNCA? sebab tukar cleanser i guess... That day my Himalaya cleanser already out and i couldnt find it at the pharmacy i went that day.. SO i took CleanAndClear.. and all pimples start to pop-up eventually at my cheek, chin, forehead..luckily not at my nose.. SO tragic until i feel so embarrassed to go out.. SO already change back HIMALAYA..

 Why liquid?? ehem2 bukan sbb takut telan even i am.. tapi sebab yang softgel dah habis stock.. So disebabkan tergedik2 nak try tak nak tunggu stok yang bila tahun nak sampai tu.. so beli ja la.. RASA? rasa kelapa ler.. pasni kalau ada sofgel better beli yang softgel.. RASA COLLAGEN? ribena taste..nyum2..

So still early to do review upon this product.. If it shows good review then i'll surely and definitely post to u all wokey...if not than it's gonna be bad review haha

some tips to be share
elak minum coffee or nescafe
sebab akan kafein akan kurangkan penyerapan collagen
kang makan tak jadi apa2 lak

p/s: product pls be nice to me haha da pak cik tegur dah huhu malu =_=" uncle u're so mean..

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