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Monday, December 31, 2012

GoodBye My 2012 Chapter..Welcome My 2013


Oh my...oh my.. It's already 2013... how come time flies so fast.. I'm going to turn 23... so old.. have to really take care of my skin haha.. ridiculous.. I would like to make a wishlist here.. Of course everyone want to be a better person for new year.. this time nak buat wish yang duniawi.. ehem2 bukan lupakan keagamaan.. for me.. wish utk keagamaan tak payah tunggu  new year segala kena hari2 setiap masa sebab kita tak tahu mati kita tu bila..

So please feel free to read my wishlists for the year of 2013
and some maybe my life's plan
and if can please make it come true hahaha
so are i ready??
updating blog while listening to "The Pussycat Dolls- I Dont Need a Man"

1. To be a Good Worker Ever

ada style tak jadi pekerja bertauliah
As i got into new job.. to be better worker is a must for me.. I wanna do work efficiently.. means no more "error correction" term.. I just love my current work now rather than the previous one.. eventhough it more challenging.. more risk.. but i just love the enviroment..Alhamdulillah

2. Travelling

Erin and me have make a plan to go for travelling this year... Yeah i'm so super duper excited with this plan.. we planned to go to
Universal Studio Singapore
Legoland Malaysia
hahaha this is so crazy... but i wish it may come true..please..please..

3. Car License

pwehhh this is so embrassing.. i havent completed  my licence yet.. oh man.. nevermind this time i will.. InsyaAllah.. then hoping to have a car for my own facility..u guys know la how far my workplace.. with current salary it'll be a lil' bit hard...

4. Further Study

of course i do have dream to have high qualification.. i dream of having PHD haha.. My plan is to further my study at WOU.. I stopped my PJJ class because i found it so hard for people like me.. i would like to take Banking and Finance haha course that i never planned before.. but i thought of having car first.. some may say why should i have car first instead of further study.. go further study first then get a better job with better salary and buy better car..This may sound ridiculous but i need transport to go to study too.. who gonna fetch me..u? My brother wont be with me everytime.. but have to see first how this gonna flow..

5. Saving

Yeah this every year wish seems to be failed haha.. But as i worked in a kind-of-bank place, when i saw people got so many amount of saving.. I thought of having it too haha... wonder how can old uncle can have that big amount of money.. they just wore simple cloth.. Kita yang pakai over2 ni saving apa pun tak dak ekekeke... So i really wanna have saving.. as my plan to go for travelling..it is a must for saving kan haha..

oh i wish all this will become true...

#GirlsDayOut : QB End Year Sale Again


That day I diligently accompany my Friend..Erin@Reen@Nas...hehe to shopping end year sale again..and again... Yeah this end year sale really drove me crazy.. 4 digit number in my saving turn to be 3 digit only T_T.. But this time I've managed to handle my self from buying even one thing ekekeke... Yes i made it.. So my way to do it by withdrawing little cash.haha the less u brought your money the less item u may buy!!

patiently waiting to order food 
chicken rice shop again because that day i were thought of having Prime BBQ Honey Noodles instead of Grilled Butter Chicken..
But the presentation of the food is not as illustrated..
taste hmmm ok la..because i'm hungry at that time..

the shortage of going out 2 person only is u cannot snap pic together
so have to combine like this haha
kira ok la tu
Rainbow Delight is awesome
love nata-de-coco

see how madly Erin shopping hahaha
I only helped to carry bag..

accomplish Erin dream of having StarBuck
see how blissful she is haha

p/s: It's weird my life getting more awesome when i'm single..maybe because i were in the wrong relationship before..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

#ProductReview : CRAYONINA from Butik Edast


Yeah 30/12/2012... we are so close to 2013.. yeah cant wait.. really wanna leave 2012..and start 2013 with this new spirit... ok2 later on la i talk about new year.. right now i wanna share some item that i bought from online.. yeahhh this type of hard-to-resist habit haha..

so i bought 
this CRAYONINA from Butik Edast

yellowish lightening

white lightening
It's the combination of Purple, Blue and Green
but the green doesnt so obvious in camera..
this pic may help

Tudung CRAYONINA ini berbeza dengan outer syria yang lain
sebab tak ada jahitan
so kena gosok nicely and tidely sebelum pakai..
Cutting ikut bentuk bahu - body syria size S
- labuh belakang : 67cm
- panjang dari dagu ke dada : 40cm
- saiz bukaan muka : 30cm
disebabkan tak ada jahitan so boleh pakai macam tudung bawal

-i memang tak reti pakai bawal so nampak la huduh bebenor kan haha-

introducing price RM35.00 jek!!
collection kat butik ni selalu sold out cepat

Saturday, December 29, 2012

#ProductReview : Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation


2012 going to end.. so hurry post out entry haha.. nothing much just want to share with u guy.. That day i bought this Stay Matte Foundation from Rimmel London at Watson cost RM27.90 if i'm not mistaken.. I attracted to buy it because it stated there "Up to 12Hour Natural Shine Control".. u guys know la how terrible my oily skin problem.. that's why i prefer not to wear foundation but when i saw my gloomy face and plus there's people out there so keen about my look so i must try to find foundation that suit me..

But this is so disappointed.. It just a big No..No.. for me.. my face start to oily than usual after 4 hour.. chaiya..when can i found foundation that suit my skin.. arghhh this is so waste of money.. maybe it just not suitable for me.. but I've read in other blog review..  some face the problem as me and some have no problem with it.. so my journey to find foundation start again... need to throw this foundation but hmmm..

i planned to try 

or this on the next month

#GirlsDayOut : Year End Sale @ QueensBay Mall


Well hello..hello...haha i'm still in the happy mood..orang baru dapat gaji kan..haha tak ada kena mengena.. So on that Christmas public holiday.. My friends and i went out to QB... ohh i miss to hang out with them.. But this time Nas is not joining..

QB were so packed with human being.. orang lain pun sibuk nak shopping.. So our intention to have lunch at Dave Deli have to be cancelled.. urghhh... have to go to Chicken Rice Shop.. oh man... so full with human being... Luckily there's a table for four of us.. Yes... Hey new menu there.. Grilled Butter Chicken.. quite awesome.. better to try it!! Teringat muka waiter snobbish giler ambik order tak pakai notepad.. when i asked him " Boleh ingat ke?" He gave me that smile-yang-amat-tak-boleh-blah.. konon boleh ingat la tu.. Nah ambik kau.. silap kan.. udah di bilang dong makanya jangan tunjuk pandai haha.. Tunggu our lunch memang lambat gila.. makanan dah sampai..fork n spoon tak ada.. okey greattt!!! dah la tengah lapar.. Nasib kami bukan kaki-buat-havoc..

My plan is to go to karaoke at Neway but also packed with human being.. why u guys also go there?? arghhhhh hasrat terpaksa dipendam..sobs...sobss.. Nevermind, shopping may help to clear the stress.. At first I thought of buying bag and shoes.. but ended bought none of them.. I bought pant, peplum and other that are not in the list...huhu My plan to buy shoes at Nose had ruined out when there are no my size at all.. arghhhh damn.... i hate sale.. kaki budak sekolah cemgini la..

ok dont worry
be happy
it's a picture snapping time

Mirae's outfit really suit the Christmas theme
tudia depa shopping
chubby of me
kind of like this candid
We r already SINGLE lady
so hugging friend instead..

lentok manja kat Nana
so my OOTD

skirt always from DalzButtonCraft

p/s: do know why my life is getting more happier day by day..Thanks Allah..

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Awesome Ending of December with End Year Sale!!


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so super duper happy... Lamanya tak update blog... Orang rajin bekerja memang cemgini .huweeekkk perasan hahhaa... ok2 stop all this nonsense okey... Hey guys it's already one month i've become MBSB's staff.. Alhamdulillah.. still lot to learn to absorb... after chaos that i've done luckily i'm new staff.. but after this i'll make sure this wont happened again.. pwehhh nasib baik... So yesterday I received my first salary.. Alhamdulillah Allah.. i dont have to struggle to scrounge for my salary.. Alhamdulillah it's higher than what I expected... Alhamdulillah for everything u gave me after all torment that i've gone through..

So i chose to go to QB yesterday with my mom in hoping to shopping.. hahha end-year sale right?? first have to rush to ATM machine as i know there'll be long Q there.. as my turn.. the card suddenly come out..  then second try. invalid pin card.. GOSHHHHHH whyyyy??? so as there a long Q i just walked away to go to another ATM machine.. now i know i use the wrong pin card.. byk sgt card atm kan..hahhhaa . luckily can withdraw money..

but this month i wanted to buy outfit for work as i'm lack of it.. most of my blouse have torn up... hey hello it's not because i'm getting bigger okey..dont smile like that.. it's because i accidentally turn up the temperature of iron..huhu.. All sales..sales..sales.. and i'm going crazy... but luckily i brought my mom a.k.a my financial adviser cum consultant haha..so i have to limit my expenses but yet still i spend RM300++ haha but with mom's permission this is so awesome.. I bought 4 blouse at Brand Outlet..hello buy 1 free1 la..so buy 2 free 2 lor.. it's SAVE!! and also i bought 2 pants at my favorite shop "Acewin".. Yes finally have plenty of blouse to wear to work..

As it is a COMPULSORY for me to wear makeup at work.. so i just bought a few makeup collection.. later on i'll go for makeup shopping again with my best buddy Nad as i promised her.. I just bought 2 liquid eyeliner which is turquoise and black in color..u guys know how much i love eyeliner.. and also blusher as i dont have that collection at all.. IN2IT brand only.. as i dont have any foundation so i give myself opportunity  to try RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte Foundation.. it's good for oily skin as per stated.. let have a check first okey..

As i 'ngidam" to eat Cheese Naan... my favorite ever.. I chose to eat  at Kapitan.. this time my Bro came along to join us.. So i ordered Chicken Minali + Cheese Naan.. saja nak try Minalli..hehe.. But not going to story about what food i ate but about EMBRASSING MOMENT happened there...huhuhu.. guysss u know what.. as i want to wash hand i slipped backward and luckily my Bro are there to hold me from falling... arghhh so shameful... why always this kind of  shameful thing happened to me??? pwehhh Bro thank you.. this all because the long dress i wore huhu.. luckily it's my Bro that hold me of stranger lagi la malu kan.. eh mana tahu jadi cam novel kot2 jodoh ekkekkee...so moral of story dont wear long dress haha...

Shopping is the best healing process for girl...

my OOTD 
love the flow of the flare
and because of this dress i fall huhu
yes i'm in da fitting room
macam u guys tak pernah buat..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#ContactLensStory: Lens BB Orange from Blincon


As my contact lens already expired..that day when i went out with my bestfriend a.k.a colleague..Reen, I bought new contact lens... It's Blincon brand..

one month disposal (means i have to buy another next month)

a lil' bit close up
i chose BB orange
as per recommended by the sales promoter
actually he suggested me to take BB Red
as i told him this lens will be used for dinner

this how it looks alike
*ignore the messy background

Sunday, December 9, 2012

#Special Event : Night of the Star MBSB Annual Dinner


Yeah finally at home.. Just come back from KL.. and excitedly updating blog because tomorrow have to go to work.. haiyooo why dont we just get special holiday huhu.. nevermind.. :) So that day 8December2012.. early in the morning I traveling to KL via Bus... I spent my time sleeping in the journey because i'm not feeling well.. running nose, cough and a lil' bit of fever.. So because i am so excited with the dinner.. I move on.. kind of weird with my health right now.. easily get ill.. They said if we took plenty of plain water our health will get better but for me i get fever easily huhu. before this i dont really like to take plain water n i rarely get fever.. what this mean?? i also couldnt understand..

So at 3pm I checked in at Eastin Hotel.. take a shower and quickly get myself ready..because at 6pm I have to go to One World Hotel for the dinner event.. Because of "kegawatan ekonomi" I just do makeup by myself... And yes finally managed to wear fake eyelashes.. sekali sekala melaram tak apa kot kan hehe..

The Simple me.. Glitter only on the eyes..
my Glitter Fake eyelashes..

Yeah Reen n Me ready for the dinner
Reen is so pretty gorgeous
Thanks for lend me dinner bag

oh ya.. I bought this dress instead of wearing what i plan
will make a review later..
I just love leopard okeyhhh..

here we are..
arghh my table just far from the stage..

okey that's Nabil(RL2) and Halim Othman as our MC

zoom a lil bit
Nabil were so funny gila2 that night..
Ramli Sarip n Man Kidal also do the performance that day..

while waiting for the food
10 menu of foods
so full that night
Chinesse style food

we alll bajet retisss u alll
dah pakai high heels pun still the shortest..
eh tak..tak..
my height is just cute la..

She really looks like Ella tau..

with my boss
She really awesome

Her makeup were so pretty

this guy is the MOST gentleman man i ever meet!!
He serves the foods for us..
asking whether we want to eat or not
haiyaa so lucky la His Wife..
yup already married..
sorry girls haha

there're lucky draw there
guess what the prizes??
10 Samsung Galaxy Note
4 Mini Ipad
Make up set worth RM1k ++
Electronic products
and many more

not for me huhu

I only got this..goodies bag for everyone..

p/s: Event finished at 1pm..so tired.. if i'm feeling well i'll definitely get myself enjoy that day..

#GirlsDayOut: Hunting for Dinner Dress


What a lovely December..hurray..huraay..haha that day kan 2nd December 2012.. Reen and me went to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue to hunt dinner dress for me... See how exuberant she is.. So we started to search for it at every floor.. then only decided to take our lunch at OT... yeah OT again... last time with Mirae and this time with Reen.. later will be Nana..

gambar wajib ditangkap bersama..

Reen with her OT Nasi Lemak
Because we are so damn hungry so we ordered greedily haha
see myself
with 2 scoop of ice-cream
then orange float again
this is really NOT healthy dude haha

hey where my pic??
forget to snap my pic huhuhu

So the journey of hunting dinner dress still on moving.. Haiyoo so expensive lor.. I am the kind of stingy person..So i dont wanna waste my money.. dah la tengah kegawatan ekonomi kan huhu T_T so at first i just though of having blinking sparkling inner singlet to be wear with jacket and maxi skirt only.. so i just bought that blinking sparling inner singlet costing RM40.. T_T.. then we hunting for accesories...i just bought rings,..
Yeah cant wait for that Dinner..