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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The making of...

The making of

Sembunyi..Rahsia.. Hebahkan..


Yes i failed in QTI test..Such as Bad Day


This is my very emo entry.. because I've been so frustrated with my life..  Even small things i will get that so emotional T_T.. Today is my QTI test for driving..  I'm damnly nervous.. As my assumption today will be miserable because it's already half month I dont even hold  car's stereng... So imagine what gonna happen.. Yes right,.. i forgot how to do parking.. even 3 pointer also i failed.. Arghhhh seriously i felt just like want to tell the teacher that i dont want to do it anymore and just wanna go back.. Then i give my self the opportunity to do it again and yet still failed and chaos...Only Allah knows how i  felt that time.. so frustrated.. why always me..have to face this kind of situation... I really hate my life...

So the teacher suggest me to train again.. booking another 6 hour and 1 hour is equal to RM25 ok.. Shit..  So I just accept it..  It because i drag the time so i forgot every steps.. It's my workplace situation that cause me to drag my driving class.. yeah what else can you do when your boss said " it's up to u la.. which one is important".. So because you need money so you just follow your cruel boss instruction.. The reason why i've dragged the time is because at that time i have to go to KL then have to work.. then not enough money to pay the  fee.. no one bother to know..

It;s ok i must try hard again... So after that i went to do PTPTN matter.. Alhamdulillah everything goes smoothly.. tapi time nak matikan setem , a guy there asked few questions to me.. and when he knows that I am PJJ student from USM.. he said that he just graduate.. and said goodluck to me with that kind if eye's staring..the kind of..which i guess he wanna said " Work hard for it..or u may failed".. i start to feel unpleasant.. it's enough for me to feel  any dismay again... Then, My Mom, My Bro and me went to BJ to have a lunch..

Seriously i dont feel like want to eat.. no appetite.. so i just ate Bihun Tom Yam and Orange Juice as my drink.. So searching for Tudung Convo and Shoe start again..  i guess in BJ would be more cheaper.. i got it 50 % sale but no size.. two shop i went.. there;s no size.. because my feet were to small.. they only have 36 as the smallest size.. my  size is 35.. damn.. I already like this one white shoes so much but there's no size.. SO i felt down again... my life always goes miserable.. so have to find again  and again... what a bad day i have.. or maybe bad life...

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Job please come to me..


Hello how u guys doing?? So do you love your job? haha tiba2 ja kan... I really not happy with my suck working place.. yes it's suck...so suck...but I've already worked there one year n two month... huh just because i dont get any other job... ohh why... T_T.. Jobstreet, Mudah, AllStaff, JobMalaysia, SPA semua dah apply.. tapi tak ada rezeki... ayat pasrah sangat...

So that day on Raya ke 6 if i'm not mistaken i went for an interview.. My friend's workplace so just wanna try some luck there.. eventhough it's so far but it's better to work on that company than my current company.. Guess what i forgot to put silent mode on my phone.. suddenly there's coming message.. thanksfully my message tone just "text message" imagine if it 'oppa gangnam style" ringtones haha.. I'm totally gonna die kan haha.. So when the interviewee asked for my photo so i opened my bag and quickly switch off my phone pwehhhhhh lega den... So have to wait for their call... and it's already 2 weeks... and i hate to hope too much.. and if i got it alhamdulillah and i'll treat Nas for this.. so Naz please pray for me k.. :)

Then just now i gave my resume to Nad.. to try my luck at her sister's workplace.. so i just have to wait for interview.. So touching when my friends were so sympathy with my problem and try to give me a way for a better workplace.. Thank you so much... So if i get that job i'll treat Nad n her sister too hehe.. Really need other job because i have no future working in my current workplace...and i really not happy... i dont like the down feeling than i feel everytime i step my feet into my office.. Allah please give me your mercy...Amin

Senyumlah dan terus tertawa walau hidup tak seindah syurga.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Story about my Raya ke 7


Hey September dah kot... oh no.. still no achievement i achieve yet  T_T..  ok stop depression.. Muka dah naik jerawat banyak sangat tiba2 sebab stress huhu... So jum kita menari Gangnam Style.. opp..oppp..oppa gangnam style.. yeah ramai2 lebih awesome.. ekekeke layan jek dengaq lagu ni sambil update blog.. TAPI macam2 version dengaq pasal lagu ni.. tarian macam seks la.. lagu pasal seks la.. and menghina Islam... ish2..entah betul ke tak.. tapi muzik dia rancak.. boleh la buat aerobic...

So that Raya ke7 Kiroro, Nana, Nana's "son" hikhik.. and me went to Nas house as she'd invited we all to go to her house.. So as usual Kiroro came to pick me at 2.00 pm. as we still have time so we decided to go to QB.. Guess what.. that day QB were so packed with School student.. many style..many habits.. buat semak ja haha.. mentang2 cuti sekolah..reminiscing me about my past.. :) 

We went to Tutti Frutti.. hmmm there's no green apple flavor again... so I just took Tart with smarties and 3 pieces of grape.. topping with Chocolate Hersey.. Just RM12.80 if i'm not mistaken..

so we "lepak-ing" there..

chatting2.. gossiping..well when girl meet girl.. u know well..haha.. and story2 about my problem at work.. huhu.. My friends must be fed up with my workplace's story hahaha..

Kiroro, Darwish n Me..

Kiroro and Me..and that's my outfit for that day..

Brown Pants with mustard blouse..
love mustard..
and that pant look like "Osram color isnt it??" T_T
Me and Nana..

So after that, we went to Nas's house..  Yey Bihun Beriani.. Once a year dapat makan huhu.. I love it so much...

yeah Nas in the house..
My Nana
In Nas's Room... lepak-ing.

Last but not least..

a life without friends is a life without Sun
Cant wait for our next gathering..huhu
poyo style again..

p/s: i wanna meet my old school friends... miss u all..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My First PJJ Class.. kelas Sidang Video


Yesterday kelas pertama.. dengan tak tahu dimanakah terletaknya Dewan Kuliah K. Mesej orang sana sini depa pun tak tahu.. So pergi ja la.. Sunyi jek hari Sabtu... Tak ada feel cam student pun T_T.. Kelas pukul 10pagi.. pukul 10 dok ada depan library sebab tak tahu kelas kat mana.. Rasa cam nak  tarik diri ja muehehe.. Then baru yang lain datang.. rupanya ramai lagi yang tak tahu.. google semalam pun tak jumpa.. So pusing2 dah dapat jumpa.. Usaha la pusing satu pusingan rupanya tepi library ja wakakaka buat penat ja jalan... Kelas memang start dah.. Kelas pertama kelas prinsip akaun.. masuk2 perghh full orang.. packed sungguh.. dah tu Aircond lak tak dipasan.. bayangkan cam microwave ja dalam tu.. So aq bersama2 kawan baru pun keluar jek dari kelas tu.. haha panas nak concentrate camna..

Lalu terfikir camni ka rupanya kelas aq.. mahu failed nanti.. Rugi bayar yuran kalu cemgini..Idea2 jahat mendatang..konon lepas ni tak nak masuk kelas sebab boleh video streaming jek.. tapi hadir gak la baru leh berinteraksi dengan Professor.. Kelas lepas tu kelas psikologi kot.. orang dah tak ramai so masuk jugak la.. panas pun panas la.. then dalam half an hour camtu  baru la aircond ada...  camni baru boleh fokus..  Nak tahu tak kelas sidang video tu camna? dekat screen ada slide yang professor nak ajar then hujung belah atas tu ada video muka professor..  So pembelajaran macam ni la.. kalau nak tanya ada mic yang disediakan.. jadi semua pusat wilayah boleh dengar suara kita.. and kita pun boleh tengok semua pusat wilayah.. Pusat Wilayah Penang la paling ramai..hehe Kelas camni u all tak yah risau takut masuk lambat lecturer kunci pintu atau lecturer marah2 sebab lecturer akan perasan pun.. tapi still dia boleh nampak u all dalam kelas ok.. nasib la kalau dia terperasan u all baru masuk..haha Then kena disiplin betul2 kena fokus sebab kalau dulu kita termenung ke buat keja lain ke lecturer boleh nampak.. yang ni kalau u all duduk jauh dari camera memang boleh buat kerja lain atau tidur.. Ada la part yang lecturer boring tu siap da yang sembang2 and tido.. So disiplin dan keazaman memang kena kuat sangat2 ye..

Time lunch keluar makan dekat Medan Selera Sungai Nibong.. Kak Fida bawak.. Then ada gap lagi sebelum kelas yang lain.. Kak Fida ajaq pergi rumah kawan dia.. Open house.. makan free yuhuuu hehe.. So semalam dah jumpa group dah untuk buat assignment.. Ada 5 assignment yang nak kena buat.. T_T.. Kadang2 rasa macam nak tarik diri pun ada jugak tapi tak pe tengok result first year macam mana dulu.. First time kan always the hardest..

Rasmi pakai Beg hadiah dari my girls
mustard i like uollsss...