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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Self-Entry and Message about Gaza


Happy Sunday... Berakhir sudah cuti2 malaysia aku.. Esok perlu ke kerja.. Ya Allah, harap2 semuanya baik2 sahaja.. Terjaga awal dari selalu hari ni... tahukah anda i love to sleep.. Sleeping is the best medicine! and oversleeping is poison!.. Yet still cant kick away this anxiousness...

This is nothing so important entry.. Just dont know what to do and blogging is the best thing to do =_=".. This long holiday make my body feel so tired and lazy.. Wonder if i can go to massage like i did in KL that day.. emmm i would like to make entry about that but tak payah la.. I did foot massage at Emerald Touch in..arghh damn forgot the area's name... somewhere in Damansara perhaps.. RM28 only dude!!! so cheap.. in that exclusive place.. so visit Emerald Touch to know more!

Right now people were so hectic about what happen in Gaza.. I saw all the pic post.. children... women.. blood..flesh..crying.... it deeply sadden me when i cant do nothing at all.. Only can pray..pray.. that's our weapon..the STRONGEST weapon for Muslims.. Besides just pray.. to boycott?? Our peoples still work in MCD... Boycott all..and they may lose their job.. Instead of just pray.. we can donate to them.. Money is still the important thing.. We cant just pray to get a bag of rice.. a loaf of bread..medicine.. clothes and other.. Dont get me wrong I didnt said praying dont help.. Praying is a MUST.. and EFFORT is a MUST too.. Not much.. what u sincerely give will bring a lot to them.. We can spend our money buy expensive stuff, expensive food.. why dont we spend our money.. not much.. to our sisters and brothers there.. Come on guys!

Donation can be made to
"Islamic Relief Malaysia"
Bank Islam a/c : "1202 90100 6564 3"
Maybank a/c : "5621 4270 8704"
Cimb a/c : "1259 0000 804 058"

let's do our part!!

Allah please save GAZA.. 

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