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Friday, October 5, 2012

#Event : JJD at Paroi, Negeri Sembilan


Hey i'm back..I'm back...back from KL.. This year already more than 3 times I've been commute from KL - PNG.. If before this nak langkah laut dari PNG pun jarang haha.. So that day 29 September 2012, My colleague and me went to JJD.. what is JJD?? well it's stand for "Jelajah Janji Ditepati".. So this time at N9.. I've never been to N9 before so a lil' bit excited to go there haha... So let check it out..

ohhh sunny day ah'hahaha

here we are...

Emyra(GD), Ayu(HR) n Me.. they are superb

Ayu and me

because he wore Tshirt n cap that my company supplied..
 confirm bro ni rasa cam retisssss kan..kan hahaha
dah pakai cantik2 so tangkap jek pic ngan dia haha

well this is Hisyam.. our GD cum Photographer

Jumaid (ACC), Pn.Farah (MT), Madam(MD), Faatin(MM), Ayu, Me n Emyra

Such a tiring day but I have fun with my new friend so the feeling that i brought from the first day..u all know la the reluctantly feeling that dont wanna go to KL already gone..haha I stay longer there because of them..
so stay tune for my next KL-Story okey...

#Obssession = "Marilyn Dress from Kaki Shopping"


Well Kaki Shopping is one of my favorite Online Shop.. as the previous2 entry I intend my wish to have on of her collection of Marilyn dress that i'm dying for.. Finally I bought it before raya that day.. because it just too long dress for me so I have to ask Ina's Mom to alter it for me.. see how i'm dying for it.. So that day i wore it for our Farewell + Birthday party..

my BFF..@ Strait Quay..my favorite place

like a crazy girl isn't it?? hahah

if the color of my dress is not emerald green i guess this pic will more outstanding..
yey.. i already have my Emerald Green Marilyn Dress..

hey Kaki Shopping update new collection
which called "Lysa mx dres"

goshhhhhhh... i admire that electric blue color..
maybe after get new salary from new jobplace

#SpecialEvent = "My Convocation's Day"


My Convocation Day or Convocation's Day??? Oh my englishhhhhhh!!! So on 20th September 2012 after 1 year and 4 months waiting patiently and excitedly..finally it's my day.. the day for all student.. arghhh cant believe... Only on 19 September I found and bought my convocation's shoes huhuhu so pity of me.. luckily found it.. and thanksfully 50% sales from Shoepoint..

putih itu suci

Me, Yanie, Nur, Mirah, Nas and Nana
finally i'm graduated.

credit to Ben

My lovely Parent.. so inherit muka sapa..hehe

Thanks my friend and family

Gambar skema cam ni jangan dilupa..

So sat ja kan.. naik pentas turun pentas dalam 2-3 minit jek.. tapi nervous sebelum nak naik pentas memang nervous gila.. kena control so that tak jatuh..hahaha tapi plan we all nak photoshoot kat outdoor tergendala lak huhu sebab hujan.. so terpaksa sendiri jek tangkap tu pun sikit jek sebab hujan jugak..

credit to my Bro

credit to my bro
konvokesyen iolllss masuk paper tau tak uolllss hahaha
walaupun ciuput jek tapi bererti tau..
nasib dalam keadaan normal hehe