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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Food Review : Chili's


Yeah quite long time I didnt make any food review because i'm just lazy to make an entry hahaha.. yess just simple.. I'm lazy... Actually I'm just so tired.... So i wanna treat myself something special this month.. I often saw My colleague post pic of steak and cake in her social web.. it just so delicacy...so mouth-watering... So i asked her to have a dinner there..because i do really wanna taste it!!

As just getting my salary so Chili's here we come.. The one and only at Gurney in Penang i guess... We had our dinner there after work.. what an awesome feeling after a hectic day we treat ourself..

I love the steak so much..the seasoned butter nyum2.. if i can ask for more..
and the cake as can be seen so mouth-watering..so fat-gaining hahahaha
for sure have to double up workout to "kill" the fat..
for beverage I just ordered Apple juice RM9.95

Review time!!!
Price : costly a bit.. (for sometimes ok la...)
Environment: *****( Just nice...)

Service: ***** (they will ask do the food is ok and serve us well.. worth 10% service tax..haha)
Revisit: boleh la time dapat bonus pa ka kan..

MYWL2015 : Watching Movie "Suamiku Encik Perfect 10"


At last...At last... guess what guys.. It's been more than 10 years I dont watch movie with my parent.. Cant remember what's the last movie we've watched.... but I think it during my primary school kot huhuhu see how the ages..

I really...really want to watch movie...with my parent.. so have to wait for a suitable perfect movie to watch.. unfortunately my father in not a good health's condition to watch movie.. I just watched with my mom.. Yeahhh Suamiku Encik Perfect 10.. the most suitable i guess... tu pun jenuh pujuk.. -_-"
Have to make sad story before my mother agree to follow..


2 seat near wall..easy to move in..
yeah finally... for me the movie is ok..
just like watching drama.. only with the presence of popcorn..cheezel and chicken hotdog..
ada part sedih ada part lawak 
tapi rasanya lawak banyak kot
but i dont cry..truly..
really enjoy watching movie with my mom..

Habis movie lapar lagi lepas dah shopping2 barang keperluan
my stomach want Pizza
Damn you full...
so i really want Pizza
so i tried this Hawaiian Chicken from Bread History..
RM14.90 or RM13.90 i guess the price
taste ok laaaa....

p/s: thanks Mom for helping me accomplish my wish list for the year of 2015..

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fasa Kehidupan Mematangkan


Alhamdulillah Januari sudah sampai kehujungnya... yeah tak sangka aku dah nak masuk ke usia 25 tahun.. dulu terasa lambat nak ke usia sekarang... sekarang... yeah masih tiada yang istimewa pada usia 25 ini.. Masih tak berjaya...masih belum maju.. masih di zon selesa.."comfort zone" in english kekononnya...

Pernah tak imbau fasa2 kita.. bila tak boleh tidur ni la kerja aku..hehe.. cuba kita ingat time kecik2 mula2 masuk  tadika then sekolah rendah then sekolah menengah.. Ada crush dengan banyak lelaki.. Ada secret admire.. how funny.. .time2 sekolah cemgini fasa "teringin" berpasangan.. fasa tunjuk couple.. tunjuk couple paling banyak...tunjuk cun..tunjuk hebat..sebab usia remaja cemgini we seek for attention.. maka banyak terpengaruh terpesong.. nasib baik aku geng "good2" kihkih... lupa kita pergi sekolah untuk SPM.. Lepas fasa sekolah.. fasa kolej/universiti.. bagi aku fasa politeknik.. time ni pun fasa mencari pasangan hidup.. kekonon lepas grade nak berumah tangga..ohhh konon sweet.. Lupa tujuan utama adalah untuk dapat Diploma.. tapi biasa ini fasa kehidupan..

Dah berjaya grade.. okey fasa pilih hala tuju.. ada yang pilih stop..ada yang pilih bekerja.. ada yang pilih sambung study.. bagi yang pilih kerja macam aku.. bermula lagi fasa baru.. fasa baru dapat duit.. dulu duit parent kasi dan tak lupa duit ptptn.. kemain boros.. dapat gaji sendiri lagi la kan.. biasa lah baru pegang duit.. kita akan jadi jakun..macam2 benda tak perlu kita beli...sebab seronok spend duit.. lagi banyak duit lagi banyak spend.. Kalau dulu pakai biasa2..mula nak ikut brand2...dulu cecomot sekarang nak stylista.. fasa kehidupan berubah... Kalau dulu beg RM50 pun rasa dah cukup dah.. sekarang galak nak pakai beg RM500..lagi mahai lagi kita nak.. Kalau dulu jam RM30 dah okey sekarang nak yang RM3000... Dulu lepak fast food jek...sekarang nak try tempat hebat2... Makeup pun nak mahal2.. lagi tinggi gaji lagi tinggi status lagi mahai benda kita nak miliki..yelah mana boleh kalah dengan people around us... then fasa tu jugak orang mula tunjuk gambar tunang...gambar kahwin dan sekarang gambar baby...alahai sweetnya...

Kita semua akan lepas semua fasa2 ni..dan akhirnya bila kita dah mula berusia.. dah terlalu lama sangat dengan yang duniawi ni...dah bercampur dengan golongan berpengelaman... Kita akan rasa how stupid we'd spend our money to unnecessary thing.. duit2 tu kalau la kita beli aset..atau invest.. 5years from now we can have something.. Kalau niat kita beli branded untuk timbul riak di hati..baik lupakan.. Riak bawa beg mahal2...Riak pakai jam mahal2 padahal jam RM10 pun ada 24jam jugak sehari.. Tak salah beli kalau kita mampu..kalau kita nak hadiah kan diri..tapi ukur baju biarlah dibadan sendiri.. Riak tak kemana..berdosa lagi adalah.. Tak perlu rasa malu rasa rendah diri jika kita tak setanding kerana ini semua dunia....ini semua doniaaa bak kata anak penakan aku...

Stop shopping...Start saving....!! one of my new year resolution....

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Be more greeny healthy veggy


Yeah it's going to half of the month... I cant sleep actually.. so take this opportunity to update my blog.. one of my resolution is to be fit and healthy.. therefore it's a must for me to watch what i eat.. so i plan to be veggy this year can i???  It's a dare zuzu!!!

Okey it's quite impossible to turn into veggy in one night.. i'm gonna start with once a week then increase the day.. well i'm not going to be veggy for the rest of my life.. just wanna try how it feel like to be veggy and this is the only reason i'm going to eat vegetables and fruits... haha

So i take this challenge!!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Puffy 3 Tones Brown from Miyulens


Still excited with new resolution...?? Remember if not now than u wont do it!! Please trust me this time... So as i'm so busy emm not busy but lazy to go to mall to buy one thing..sodecided to buy online... i hate if i have to go to mall alone just to buy one thing because i'll end up buying more than that... and for this January 2015.. the first month of 2015.. i am actually wanna try new contact lens... so as i surfing and keep surfing internet then i found this.. Miyulens instagram...

Fall in love with puffy 3tones brown... I am now prefer contact lens that look obvious but not too obvious..hahaha just like the freshkon brand.. i like the stardust pattern..so check out my new contact lens...

RM30.00 postage included
Diameter 14.5
No wonder look bigger...now can feel korean girl's eye..
it just nice the color not too obvious..just dolly type..

360 effect..makan hati la nk dpt kulit camni..

Friday, January 2, 2015

13 December 2014 Teater Mamak Jegey 2 Superstar


Dah masuk 2015 baru teringat satu post ni lupa nak post..hampeh kan... Hari tu kan lepas pergi kenduri schoolmate..malam tu ada teater Mamak Jegey ni kat USM.. Last year tengok Orang Minyak.. tiket RM15 jek.. last year tengok dengan conflict of emotion... This year full of joy..

Kiranya memang lepas ni punya teater memang nak tengok la...
memang fun...memang funny...
boleh gelak2 la kan..
***** star

Paling best bila dah habis 
photo snapping time
Kalau tahun lepas depa panggi Hairi Anak Wayang
this year
Dekna and Imuda

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Well Hello 2015...Goodbye 2014...


And it's 2015 already... leaving all good and bad memories in 2014.. Dude, I'm turning 25 this year.. Like seriously during my schooltime I thought when I'm 20++ my life would be great but it's not easy my past "myself".. But life goes on... yeahh 25years old.. So called an age of victory to women.. eh women?? haha...Orang tua2 la kata umur pucuk baru nak naik hahah apakah...

Yeah..according to previous..previous planning when I'm still young and thought life is easy like ABC.. This year is the year I'm going to get married...LOL so naive i am that time.. I thought if i have diploma then will get good job..drive nice car then will find soulmate then get married have a loving husband travel around the world then pregnant..have kids..raise them,,send them to school..watch them grew up..and so on...But reality is..after diploma..desperately seeking for job.. get tormented working..failed driving license...cant drive even tried so hard.. failed in this..failed in that... deceived by man... change workplace..still unfairness is everywhere..money hard to find...but still I do feel grateful with all the blessing from Allah..

So 2015 for sure i'll try more harder to improve myself to always be better...Insya Allah...something good is about to happen... Wishlist?? hey i have so so so many things i want.. nevermind just keep it to myself... maybe i want to go to holiday more.. 2014 I just went to Langkawi okey while i'd planning more than that.. overseas or even within Malaysia..

let's throw back some best moment..