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Friday, November 16, 2012

Prangin Mall to 1st Avenue to QueensBay

Salam all

Yes it's already Muharram.. and as usual i always miss the chance to do doa akhir tahun and awal tahun due to menstruation huhuhu.. Nevermind.. So I do hope that I'll be better muslim from before.. and hope that this coming year will bring joy and happiness to my life through my succession in the things that i do..amin

So on 12/11/2012, Mirae and me without Nana and Nas.. incomplete... we went to have a chit chat about everything...Dah lama kot tak jumpa.. after accompanied Mirae to buy stuff at Elken.. then we straight away to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue..haha dont get jealous Nana and Nas... Just look around.. u guys know la how girls like to window shopping.. As i didnt took my lunch yet so i offered Mirae to have lunch at OT.. so "mengidam" to eat Curry Mee.. The day before i went to QB with my mom and when we entered OT the waiter said other menu is not available except nasi lemak... gossshhhhh.. =_="

wonder if this is real..
wow..lama kot xtngkap gmbaq kat toilet dlu kn trend haha
Then i intend my intention to Mirae.. I wanna karaoke..haha  lama kot dh tak karok.. so we straight to QB 

Karaoke at Neway is not expensive as per expected..

We just sing not taking any drink so RM10/prsn/1hour

because we dont know how to use the system.. we spend about 10-15  to learn it  =_="


i sang
Stronger(What doesnt kill you) - Kelly Clarkson
Everybody's Fool - Evanescence
Set Fire to Rain  - Adele
Sembilu - Ella
Kisah Hati - Alyah

mirae is more feeling i guess

we have Pizza as our dinner

see my ring... agak rock kapak kan haha
from Street Market @TheCurve
miss to go there

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