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Monday, April 30, 2012

#Food Review:"Charlie Brown Cafe" @Strait Quay


decoration at the ceiling

left: Franklin Frappa (RM15.00)
right: Cappucino Hot ( RM9.50)
the artwork is too cute for me to drink it

Mini Beef Burger with Fries (RM16.00)
the burger is big for me.. how can they called it mini burger haha


 Spaghetti Bolognese Beef ( RM16.50) for me

Coffee Almond Mousse (RM 9.50) as our dessert
taste good..

For us from the taste of the food that we choose that day we give ***
for the decoration of the restaurant i give ****

it's a white chocolate actually.. when i want to eat the cake.. i put aside this thing and suddenly one chinnesse guy came and said " itu boleh makan punya.. itu chocolate".. maybe he thought i dont know it can be eat.. emm i think he's the owner of the restaurant.. if not it'll be a stranger when someone suddenly said that to us haha

cute decoration is ready to be snap
actually not feel that shy to snap pic here because everyone are doing it too

i wanna have it too...

my oufit for today.. rasmi pakai my new yellow shoes.. and suffering from the very pain..

KL TRIP: Day 1 to 7


pwehh.. my April just passed with few entry only.. This is because i have a business trip in KL for 3 Weeks.. It's actually 2 weeks but i've been extend to another 1 week and sorry not for another week.. because i love Penang so much!! So here is the first week story.. Check it out

First time in my life dude i naik bas sorang2 pergi KL.. So excited plus nervous.. Pagi nak pergi KL baru beli tiket alhamdulillah ada.. Naik bus season.. My bro nak i nak Nice sebab bas tu lebih selesa.. but bas tu tak ada pergi hentian duta lak.. so dapat seat no 27.. naik bas besides me is indian girl.. pwehhh nasib baik bukan lelaki.. Si Dia suruh ambik single seat.. katanya nanti untuk keselesaan i.. selesa ka jeles hehehe Arrived there terus ke rumah Madam di Solaris Dutamas then pergi The Curve.. Cuci2 mata di The Curve kitaorang check in di Puspanitapuri, Putrajaya. Sebab nak buat Marketing for this whole week. with just one bedroom we all share 1 king bed with 3 girl.. nasib baik kami ni tak gedebak sangat2 haha

First day for marketing.. job that i hate.. but biasa la kan yang tak suka tu la yang dok mai.. It's ok take it as challenge.. So during lunch we all went to Alamanda and having lunch at Rasamas. Aiyaa forget the name of the food but it taste awesome.. complete with an awesome Pink Guava Juice..

Second day for marketing.. A lil bit tired because the walking distant.. So at night we went to Downtown.. Feel like wanna shopping but have to think future haha.. so i just bought yellow cover for my Nokia E5.. i love yellow right now.. oh ya wanna share some story.. i went into this shop and saw a quite pretty blouse but it's too big for me.. Then the sales girl attempts to influence me to buy that blouse.. but i said it's big.. maybe she so jaded so simply said while looking at maaa body.. " Boleh pakai baju ni.. U tak ada la kecik sangat pun.." and smiled. So WTH..!! so i just put the blouse back and give that 'stare' at her http://www.emocutez.com.. errr so suck!!
but unfortunately, my yellow cover missing in action lak..huhuhuhu

It's a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! but i woke up early.. haiyaa i should rest more longer kan.. So we planned to hang out.. Faatin hang out with her BF while Shaz and i went to Alamanda again.. We ate Pizza Hawaiian Chicken and Cheesebaked rice at Pizza Hut. At that time Shaz's friend called her informing about earthquake..So i quickly called my home.. so worried about my family.. Lose my appetite to eat..with "not-so-sedap" cheesebaked rice tu memang tak makan habis.. So called Si Dia also because he's on his way to Penang but couldnt get through.. So stress with al this.. As i heard my mom voice i feel so relieved. Alhamdulillah nothing wrong.

DAY5 - DAY6 
Nothing so interesting happen.. having lunch at the Putrajaya only.. So from this exposure in marketing, muka i yang dulu nipis dah jadi tebal dah hahha sebab untuk buat marketing kena muka setebal mungkin haha..Last day in marketing.. last day with Shaz alo because she have to go back to Penang office.. So we check out from Puspanitapuri and went to Solaris Dutamas.. I'll be staying here.. Having meeting at night with madam..see how workaholic i am hehe

Wake up early because have to go to office this day.. Then Madam gonna back  Penang.. So i'll staying with Faatin in that house. Madam suggest me to go swimming at the pool or go to the Gym..hahah should i?? dont have proper suit la.. So Madam, Faatin and me having lunch at Chawan.. i ate Nasi Putih dengan ayam masak salai + iced lemon tea.. the plate included keropok, sotong masak kunyit dan ikan masin.. stomach feel bloated so didnt finish the meal.. and the meal was sponsored by Madam..thanks for the food!! At night we went to One utama then went to Kota Damansara to eat there.. I ate Char kuew Teaw, Limau Ais and Otak2.. First time eat that things.. But it's no..no.. to me..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Coming Home

Date: 27/4/2012
Place: New Office
Mood: Oyeah..oyeahh


Ok taip laju2.. curik2 update blogs.. Okey guys.. I'll like to make an announcement that i'm coming home..coming home *sambil dengaq lagu tu... Ok i'll go back home tomorrow 28 April 2012 at 6.00 pm..
Pray for me okey.. Ya Allah please make my journey safe from any inconvenience..Amin..


p/s: ok melampau update time keja.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Away to KL

Tarikh: 07/04/2012
Tempat: My own world
Mood: ohh..


Hai.. nak taip cepat2.. sebab sekarang dah pukul 11.14malam.. esok kena bangun pagi.. esok dah tidur kat KL dah plak.. atas urusan kerja.. i'll be there for 2 weeks... 1 weeks doing marketing.. 1 weeks to handle KL branch.. meet new staffs... briefing them..and so on... Haish... tak sangka kena pergi esok pulak.. Punya kalau boleh tak mahu pergi.. Tiba2 kena pergi.. terkalut2 kiah ooii aq pergi tesco beli sedikit barang yang tak beli haritu.. Tapi ticket tak sempat nak beli.. hope so esok pagi beli ada la ticket tengah hari.. Boss cakap jangan ambik journey malam bahaya.. Hmmm Ya Allah, selamatkan lah perjalanan aq..amin

Tomorrow pagi2 kena pergi ofis ambik apa yang patot then kena leave job untuk new comer Shikin.. otherwise kecian dia nanti jadi cam aq time mula2 kerja sini.. So esok untuk memastikan keselesaan,  aq kena makan ckit2 n mnum ckit2.. so that tak rasa nak pergi toilet kang tak ingat lak bas mana aq naik.. aku kan fesyen camni tak boleh dibiar seorang ditempat yang baru hehe..

bawak beg besar2
punya sumbat nak bagi muat satu beg..berat kot
satu beg extra dibawa
Mak cakap bawak lebih tak apa jangan kurang... hmmm susahnya kalau jadi perempuan banyak benda nak kena bawak.. Ok that's all.. will miss to update blog..hope so hotel ada wifi... if not.. 2 weeks lagi la kita berjumpa k..

Friday, April 6, 2012

So Starbuck Halal ler?

Date: 06/04/2011
Place: My own world
Mood: Awesome


Ok.. before this aq dah terpost yang Starbuck tak halal disebabkan sumber yang aq tengok tu.. http://www.emocutez.comThen semalam rajin2 search2 terjumpa something new...Sila baca disini.. Halal Jakim..

ok2 kita printscreen k..

Pwehhh lega.. dah bergelen2 air dah ditelan nasib baik halal... .. nak wat camna si kenit memakai kasut tinggi jalan lama sikit dah mula sakit kaki so kena la duduk minum2..Hurray!! http://www.emocutez.com

Dunia sekarang macam2.. kena hati2.. tambah2 dunia akhir zaman.. semua menghalalkan yang haram... dan isu halal dan haram menjadi hal yang sangat remeh temeh dan tak dipandang serius.. Main masuk ja..  bukankah ia akan menjadi darah daging.. mungkin sebab itu anak2 kita zaman sekarang perangai u all tengok la sendiri..

Time to Change babes..Review Oxy

Date: 06 April 2012
Place: My own world
Mood: erghh


Hi all.. hope u guys have super awesome friday.. for people like me that have to work 1/2 day tomorrow have fun tomorrow okey.. This lately kan i face so many stress2 things until my face full with all that suck pimples!! yeah thanks a lot.. can i sue my company for this hahah nonsense... Maybe due to stress, my diet, my cosmetics and my skincare cause this problem to be more worse.. http://www.emocutez.com

So as i reached home yesterday.. my mom stare at my face and said " tu dia jerawat.. tukaq la pakai garnier yang tunjuk kat Tv tu".. pwehhh macam la kat TV tu semua BENAR2 belaka.. yeah true i need to change my skincare.. currently i'm using nano white..  of coz la will bring nothing to cure pimple... but tak fair jugak pun hehe.. yela tak pakai complete set hehe.. Terpengaruh dengan sales promoter time tu yang beli..So i would like to test another skincare in hope that my pimples will gone..gone...mimpi ja la wei...

Let me list out skincare yang aq pernah pakai.. nak kata tak bagos..just no comment maybe i'm not using the complete set...or perhaps not my skin type

1. Ponds ---> pakai sat ja..terpengaruh iklan pond dlu kala
2. Olay ----> pakai sat ja
3 .Fair & Lovely ----> famous sampai sekarang
4. Clean & Clear ----> masa muda2 dulu.. oil control dia bagos
5. Secret ---> pakai sat.. mahai tak mampu time sekolah2.. sekarang tak ada dah
6. Ginvera ---> pakai dalam 6 bulan ja..
7. Eversoft ---> pakai sat2 ja..
8. Nivea ----> pakai sat2 ja
9. D'Ayu ---> pakai 1 bulan setengah ja sebab tak mampu beli haha
10. Sri Ayu ---> mahai dan pedih..muka jadi oily
11. De'Putih ---> pakai berapa hari ja.. muka cam kena hala dengan api punya pedih
12. Oxy ----> pakai 2 tahun..jewarat hilang berganti..
13.lagi tak ingat dah

Disebabkan terpengaruh dengan iklan TV and pandangan Mak..
terbeli la Oxy Face Powder ni..
Ada 2 kaler ja sweetie honey and Natural Beige..
Natural Beige try2 putih pulak.. 
so ambik la Sweetie Honey yang dark sikit ni
balik2 try kat muka.. nampak kusam lak
Tak sama macam compact powder yang sebelum ni beli muka nampak cam glowing2 camtu..
Dah terbeli kena la guna kan huhhu 

Nah ambik sebab suka tukaq2 la muka aq jadi camni.. Orang yang muka licin2 tu bila tanya time muda2 depa tak sentuh pun semua tu.. sebab tu muka depa lawa.. Sekarang aq umur 22 tahun so kena jaga jerawat dan garis2 halus mula muncul pulak... Produk jerawat fokus untuk jerawat ja.. dunia panas sekaranghttp://www.emocutez.com

Emmm... rasa cam nak try Himalaya.. dari dulu lagi nak try tapi dah terbeli nano white.. Tapi pakai mask dari Himalaya tu awesome sgt2 tau.. Tapi kena tunggu stock Nano white ni habis dulu...huhu Disebabkan stress2 camni kan.. punya makan2 tak ingat dunia.. maka dah naik jadi 47KG pulak dah..owhh tidak..

mana tak naik KG...

p/s: pergi kedai makan hari tu first time tak ambik ayam even ayam berempah nampak sdap gila2 bak hang..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Obsession..Pur from Katty Perry and Paris Hilton

Tarikh: 05/04/2012
Tempat: My own world
Mood: awesome..awesome


Hi.. Dah lama weyh tak update.. March aq berlalu dengan cepat sebab tekanan2 itu.. Hope so April will bring me joy..amin..cepat aminkan..Eh, First all of i would like to grab this opportunity to wish happy birthday to Shaz and Nana..even dah wish via phone and FB.. lantak ler..

Back to story.. I love to collect perfume bottle for my own hobby and to be highlighted that this is all imitation..Gred AAA from Dubai.. nak jugak?? sila ke QVioletrose Perfumaholic.. ehemm promote kedai sendiri..  Cepat2 promosi 50% untuk 2 botol dan keatas..Parah separahnya kalau aq nak beli semua original.. aq bukan anak orang kaya or buat2 kaya haha jujur aq beritahu ini semua imitation.. And for this month i bought Pur from Katty Perry sebab suka bentuk botol yang meow..meow itu and aq agak admire katty perry sebab rasa dia cantik.. Then beli jugak Paris Hilton.. edition dah berkurun lama.. bukan sebab peminat Paris Hilton tapi suka pada baunya yang sangat awesome..

Gred AAA ni semua packaging macam real instead of long lasting..
Pur from Katty Perry..bau cam fruity2 ckit.. rate:****
Paris Hilton...sangat awesome...rate:*****

so dah ada 5 perfume yang ikut mood nak pakai wangian apa hari ni..

sample2 kecik2 tu sample yang aq dapat..

1. Versace Bright Crystal
Bau soft2 jek.. rate:****

2. Chanel Paris
boleh2 la..rate: ***

3. Harajuku love
kesukaan..rate: *****

4. Harajuku Lil' Angel
bau manis cam candy.. rate:****

5. Harajuku Snow bunnies
not my type...rate: **

6. L'eau D'Issey Issey Miyaki
boleh2 la..rate:**
7. Anna Sui Rockstar
ok jek..wangi la jugak..rate:***
8. MaxMara Le Parfum
boleh2 ja..rate:**
9. Glow by JLo
wangi jugak..rate:****
10.Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Suka..rate: ****
11. Escada
agak wangi...rate:****
12. Gucci by Gucci
bau cam mak datin..rate:**

sample yang dapat harini..
p/s: awesome

Day 30 "A photograph of yourself today and three good things that have happened in the past 30 days"

A photograph of yourself today and three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

Hurray finally day 30.. lega kan..haha..hehe ok2 i know that i dah terlajaq perahu..please forgive me.. because i feel so tired with my life hehe actually i dah raft siap2 cuma malas nk post.. so pic pun not today punya la k..

Three goods things that have happened in the past 30 days..
let me think more deeply..
oh ya i wont the award for my "jualan paling banyak"
get perfume.. happy to get the unexpected gift..hihi
then the second one is
my colleague tak jadi nak berhenti
yalor.. i really need her..
we have been struggle for almost 10 month together..
So Shaz if one day u read my blog..
trust me.. your "tak-jadi" resign tu really the best thing to me..
otherwise u know i'll die there..hah
the last but no least
what er.. cant remember
oh ya i faced so many difficulty in my life this lately..
All the "kata2 penghinaan"
really pull me down..
 but i feel glad that i didnt drop any single tear even i really wanna cry and scream..
Thanks Allah for the all good things in my life..