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Thursday, November 1, 2012

KL Story : Crazy Shopping @ Berjaya Times Square


So that day after that tragic moment happened to me  i choose to stay at KL to have fun there.. 21/10/2012 is my date with my colleague Ayu and her friends.. Kinda regret that day i miss the chance to go to Cameron Highlands with them..arrghhh... So i stayed at Ayu's house that day because we wanna  fun sampai tak ingat dunia ish2..haha Because they wanna cheer me up.. thanks dude.. nothing much to share it just an impression of me toward Berjaya Times Square... i know Penang also have but it is not awesome as in KL haha actually I've never go to TS in PNG yet..ahaha

Unfortunately we went there at 8.30pm perhaps lack of time for me to go to each store.. When I saw there are so many clothes, accessories there.. My heartbeat move faster.. my eyes open up.. arghhhh this is so heaven... so stylo.. so cheap.. luckily most of the shop already close otherwise i'll buy so many unnecessary things hahaha.. I really wish i wanna go here again... someday.. pls..pls... and make sure i have money first haha..

so for belt i bought 4 belt.. RM10/pcs
i really gone crazyyy....
one polka blouse
yes i buy cheap stuff so??

Finally i found KL is awesome place haha
wanna go there again..

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sha_azmi said...

girls ngan shopping mmg xdpat dipsahkan..murah mahal tolak tepi..ihiks^^