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Friday, February 27, 2015

Lipstick obsession


Well hello.....I have new obsession..that's is Lipstick... dont know how or when.. It just happen.. Still remember waktu kecik2 curik2 pakai lipstick Mak.. habis kena marah kena pukul... then suka sangat kalau orang pakai kan kita lipstick... mulut nanti nganga jaga sayang lipstick takut fade color tu.. Then bila mula remaja dah tak suka pakai.. pakai lipbalm..pakai lipgloss cemgitu jek..sampai la zaman poli2..keluar dengan marka pun tak lipstick terang2.. konon malu time tu rasa muda2 tak perlu pakai terang2..

Then bila sekarang ni kena grooming everyday kalau tak kena kata dalam meeting.. Dah keja dalam front liner face to face dengan customer.. tu pun tengok hari.. kalau tengah raplah memang pakai ikut dan saja.. If rajin semangat la sikit grooming lebih sikit.. Kalau datang bulan grooming extra lebih sebab tak payah cuci mekap nanti in between office hour for pray..

So tiba2 suka pakai lipstick color2..Dulu 1 color tu ja la everday.. lanie dah suka pakai orange..pakai pink..purple and lanie tengah suka red.. red ni actually memang teringin nak pakai.. sebab tengok Nora Danish.ohhh she's so amazing... but skin tone jauh bebenor dari ND..so memang tak la nak pakai... try2 pakai kat umah ja rasa nampak mulut jaaaa hahaha.. until one day My Boss bought one red hot chilli pepper color of lipstick.. and offer us to try it.. So all of us had that "red-lips" Day that day... First sight.euuuwwwwww so red... then lama2 ehhh nampak macam lawa la plak color tu.. even tak macam ND okey i repeat again tak macam ND... pakai during office hour lepas tu padam color tu sebab malu.. orang suka tengok pelik kalau merah maknyahh!!

Than that day beli la satu color merah.. beli Jenama sesuai2 bajet aku jek Essence.. ada la dalam belas2 ringgit ja.. Tak boleh  join uolsss pakai MAC, Christian Dior segala tu..hehe

Hari tu pakai lupa nak fade color merah ni sampai nak naik bas baru sedar.. adehhh.. Obses dengan Lipstick sampai kan pagi mai kerja kaler lain.. then after pray tu ikut mood nak tukar kaler lain pulak.. sah gila! hahaha mungkin dah nak tua sebab tu suka pakai kaler2..sebab dulu selalu kata sapa pakai kaler2 macam orang tua.. heyyy 25 dah la aku..

Sunday, February 22, 2015

53.4 Kilogram


Again it's an assignment time! Again me delaying doing it hahaha... So I'm not going to talk bout' assignment... Yesterday, I've checked my weight after quite a long time scarily doing it.. Last time was 50KG i guesss... and after doing all those killer workout i thought it going to be less but..but 53.5KG....ohhh dayyyummmm... Histeria Mak Jemah... I couldnt accept so I check again on another machine.. 54.1KG.. what daaa.... ok right... It's time..it's time to accept....  haishhh I only eat so much in three days... dayyummmmm... but it's ok... i'll fight again... i'll never surrender..ehhh yup never surrender to fight in this battle with fat... It just a month Zuzu nothing will really be obvious...

So what on earth is really the intention for us mostly girl to be slim..?? could it be becuase we want to look more beautiful than Mak Jemah...? hahah tiba2 nama Mak Jemah jugak diguna... Could it be because we want to be accept by the public..? Could it be that we will never run when we saw our Ex Pak Meon?? hahha Meon mana pulakkk... whatever it is... we will always have that one reason why we want to transform...

For me because I hate the feel of tiredness after a long walk.. because I dont hate the excess fat around my belly.. i hate when i cant put my button... I hate when my jeans unzip by itself.. I hate when i cannot wear certain outfit.....yeahhh and i really want to wear white outfit.. but have to forget it because white will make me look more bigger... So Dear Fat, again i'll fight again and i'll never surrender!!

pic yang tak dak kena mengena kadang itu perlu..
p/s: Di dunia akhir zaman ini..kenapa kau lagi kesah akan berat yang bertambah dari dosa yang bertambah...ehhh

Friday, February 20, 2015

Food Review : Roots By Melting Bites


After watched movie yesterday with my bestie... Nad asked me whether I'm hungry or not... Actually we had already our lunch (3.30pm) at Kapitan.. Chicken Briyani Claypot yippie!!! The movie finished by 7.30 like that.. so it's alright to have some dinner hahaha how i feel so guilty to my self for having fatty food.. nahhhhh once a blue moon nevermind....

As we discussing about where to go, Nad suggest about Roots.. which I totally never heard before..so why dont give a try... So we arrived there... it's a Bumiputera restaurant i guess.. but the enviroment the decoration of the restaurant is so nice..something so different..so unique....and the cute waiter too ehhh! ok forget it....

I forgot what Nad ate yesterday..I mean I forgot the name.. I think it's a Grilled Chicken Chop.. and mine is Jumbo Sausage...RM17.90 each come with Iced Lemon Tea..

order number
force Cik Nad to snap my pic and act like it's a candid...cliche!!

pic from google

pic from google
Rating time!!

Food&Price: ****
Environment: *****
Revisit: why not?? hehehe

Happy 71st Birthday Bapa


Alhamdulillah...managed to celebrate this mini simple birhday celebration among my family members... Knowing that thing is not as before.. I somehow tried to keep all of us back together... oh yaa thanks to My Sis and BIL for helping me buying this cake... aiyakkkk wrong name written on the cake.. missing "A" it should be AHAMAD okey... So we just had cake... party pack Pizza....ohhh thanks Shahrul for giving extra pizza...really appreciate it...A&W rootbeer plus vanila ice cream..ohhh i just love this and i drink a lot..ohhh diet destroyer...

My father already turn 71 this year.. and even though we are not ready for his retirement.. Somehow I feel relieved that he's not working anymore... So he can relax at home playing with his future grandchildren insya Allah this year... He's already too old enough to work.. And yeah it'll be tough for us but I'll try my level best to give all the best I can for my family... No sacrifice No victory isnt.. and it's not wrong to sacrifice for our own family...