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Friday, November 22, 2013

Food Review: Restoran qasar hadramawt @ Bukit Mertajam


Hey dah lama kot tak buat food review kan... So yesterday balik jek dari kerja.. Me and few of my colleague Kak Shida. Nisa and En.Amir and aslo Adam.. went to give a visit to our colleague Kak Niesa at KPJ..sebab anak dia sakit.. poor Arash... Get well soon baby!! So after that sebab most of us are not having our lunch yet so we planned to have dine at nearest restaurant.. And Restoran Qasar Hadramawt is our destination.. Arabian cuisine beb... Iollsss kan memang minat...minat makan....bhahaha

pic from google
So we ate
Lamb Khabsa and Chicken Khabsa

Pic from google
pwehhhh makan kambing lagi... memang very delicacy... dengan enviroment dia hmmm memang arabic feeling...

pic from google
Price pun affordable la satu pinggan kongsi ramai2... overall kami makan 5orang baru RM99 jek...

ok voting time!!

Price: *****
Environment: *****
Revisit : Sure...!! very definetely

Grey Trilogy Color Con By Adore


Contact lens's review  again for the month of November...Actually this contact lens is for me to wear for my office's annual dinner... Konon feeling clubbing la sangat... So i chose to wear grey color... I want something yang obvious but not to obvious.. haaa camna tu... sebab previously pernah beli jugak tapi tak nampak macam grey tapi most to blue tak pun nampak black... So terpilih color ni.. This time i bought from optic shop.. Saja nak try brand yang tak pernah try..

Me say :

Color obvious sangat plak.. but i still wear it to office.. reason? becuase my previous already expired..
Long wearing...not recommended because my eyes getting reddish..
comfort... so confortable..

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Obsession : Double Eyelid feeling Park Boom


Mid of November! Next month is December then 2014...means that I'm turning into 24 years old oohh...oh.. ok not so old kan..kan... 6 years to go for 3 series..very the worry... orait... let's be forever 21! Actually i bought this thing long time ago.. now only i know how to use it.. I mean use it correctly and properly.. I'm out to try to use eyelid.. Do u guys know what is eyelid? alaaa yang kat mata tu... Well i'm not born to have that so called double eyelid like Park Boom... Search to know how it looks like... but Park Boom depa kata dia buat plastic surgery..

masih kurang ngerti apa itu... enggak usah gusar...lihat pic..

pic from google
 I bought this eyelid tape just Rm5.00....

cemgini la rupo dio...

close up.. rupo cam mata bengkak la effect dio..
haa cemgini la.. macam mata lepas nangis teresak2...
ok feeling mata Park Boom

Dah alang2 menyeluk segala pekasam... Nak try make up Dinner sebab Dinner just around the corner and i were so stress because didnt buy any cloth.. just bought bag... pwehhhh hopefully I found the cheapest2 one..

From trying to do Smokey Eye for that Night of Music and Dance.. 
turn to be
Dolly plak dah..

in the process of learning to draw eyebrow and make nose shape...endup something so creepy...muehehhe
never stop learning girl!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

When a beauty is a must in LOVE..


Actually this new is  already long time ago.. but quite new because it happen this year if i'm not mistaken... What makes me wanna make entry about this because this new touch my heart... I think this is not fair.. I dont know who to put the blame for.. but everyone have their own flaw..

What a happy family in just a potrait.. It is said that the father had sued the mother for the ugly children... oh my... The true father shouldnt said thing like this...! Maybe he dont believed that they all are his children maybe try to accuse that his wife had an affair... But thanks to DNA test. They are his son... But the real truth comes out where actually the wife had done plastic surgery to make her beautiful.. I've seen her face before the plastic surgery.. really different from this one... Well this must be the consequence... But what about the children..? Have to heard all this from their own father... What a very sympathy..

Does he married his wife because of the beauty only..?? all guys are all like that.. not all but most of them.. For the girl, maybe she faced so many difficulty so many ridicule so she takes the action to do plastic surgery.. But the fact is most of korean girl will do plastic surgery..I've read this in one article... So poor on the children... this is the reward when love and marriage  is all depend on beautiful... So we as the not-so-pretty girl please dont do any plastic surgery to make us beautiful.. Because beautiful just temporary.. And for muslim u guys know it is against our religion. It's a blessed to get someone who doesnt care about our look.. but still he loves us.. If he truly love us he'll not care about our look our bodyshape....

Some of u girl may face problem just like 

"Darling... why are u wearing this cloth? why dont u wear like that girl.."
"Darling dont eat this.. u wanna gain your weight?"
"Darling...please do something about your face.."
"Darling...please change your hair/hijab style...bla..bla..."
"Darling.... u know my Ex-gf used to wear like bla...bla.. why dont u wear like her?"
"Darling.. dont eat that! u know i'll leave u if u fat"
"Darling...please change your style..."

Huh.. Yeah i didnt said that u dont have to groom yourself.. Just be yourself... Love is about being yourself and being more better and being acceptable by your spouse just like the way u are...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Product Review : Wet Tissues from Simple


Wet Tissues from Simple

nampak sangat beli kat guardian...

Lepas tengok Cik Nad kita beli that day rasa nak beli plak... Sebab kadang2 balik lewat kerja dah penat teramat sangat macam aku yang bawa bas kihkih so jadi malas...jadi malas gila nak cuci makeup betul2... then memang azab la jerawat tumbuh merata2... dah kulit memang oily and sensitive seperti orangnya... lepas pakai makeup remover dekat mata then cuci muka pakai cleanser bila apply toner boleh nampak still ada makeup yang tak hilang... Takkan nak tenyeh muka setengah jam kot.. ingat larat ke baru balik kerja penat2..
So for the best solution ever i choose to purchase this! easy.. balik rumah tarik keluar then tonyoh muka semahunya aiseh buat lembut2 tak baik dera kulit...

nah ambik kau.. segala mascara..segala eyeliner...powder...

Result dia memang best... muka memang rasa licin jek.. soft2 gitu...

memang ✶✶✶✶✶ la i give!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product Review :The Rocket from Maybelline


Yeah as my sister gonna get married soon...actually not very soon just next year... for me it's soon.. So i'm aware that after this i have to purchase and start to have my own make up collection... As a person who is so sayang-duit nak beli makeup so I have to start purchase from now.. one month one makeup but end up to buy 3 per month muehehehe... So today i would like to make review about my new mascara collection.. from maybelline.. haaa baru lah mampu beli tu pun lepas 45% discount sale at guardian that day.. so the price after less is RM19.25 only!! from RN48.90 kot original price... apa lagi rembat la kiah!!!


I like the result so much,,, see look like fake eyelashes.. even not really but i just like the result...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just to update


nothing so important... just totally nothing at all... just wanna post entry... just wanna typing... just want to use my time left...just and it just nothing... Actually i feel so down... dont know why.... yeah PMS perhaps... but this time it's just too deep...
because i'm so tired..just so tired...
everything just seems all wrong


Saturday, November 2, 2013

To continue study in WOU


Hi there! It's weekend Sunday! and I awake so early....hahaha dont know why.... Tomorrow for damn sure when i wake up i'll feel so damn sleepy... why when it's holiday i feel so active in the morning... u know.. wake up so early... and feel so fresh... when it's a workdays i cannot wake up!!!

Alright stop all this ridiculous thingy... So yesterday Nas and me went to WOU's Open Day... Actually i would like to continue my study for a better life after this hopefully or still the same....pffttt.... I really dont know whether it is a right time or right place or else... But what i know day by day i'm getting older and older..and I need to do something right now...like seriously if not now then when???!!

But my big problem now is i dont know which course to choose...Banking and Finance or Management... As i'm working in banking field i guess should take banking and finance... But the job field's scope for only banking and financial only... If i take Management...I can work everywhere.. So like seriously i feel so in dilemma....

It's like to chose which guy u should get married hahahha contoh yang sangat tak boleh belah... I'm really afraid to continue all this... u guys know la previously dah masuk USM then quit plak.. So nak masuk sekarang ni umpama dulu dah pernah kahwin then bercerai sekarang nak kahwin lagi so rasa macam takut perkahwinan kali ini akan jadi seperti dulu... haaaa camtu la feel dia habaq hang...