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Friday, September 26, 2014

Customer service is not a 'Evertime-Happy-Robot"


In life it's already crystal clear that we wont usually get or be what we want to be.. Yeah sometimes people are lucky enough to be or to get what they want.. and i can said that only 10% of people in this world who are lucky enough living and the other 90% have to bear all the upcoming and i'm included in that 90%...

By accepting my job in this so called customer service.. I thought it'll be just easy as I'm a happy go lucky type of person..I smile a lot! I have high level of patience.. But day by day.. All that eroded.. I've faced so many type of people that I dont believe do exist in this world...more or less I lose my patience and I've found it's hard to even smile but have to!

Previously, when i'm doing my thing no matter at bank, post office or fast food restaurant or anywhere.. I've been wondering why certain people who works in customer service can have a gloomy face..moody.. fierce face... and when i'm in this line.. I know and understand very well.. The thing is we are also human.. we have heart and feeling too...but due to our jobscope..we must turn to be "everytime-happy-robot"..

People wont or dont know that we also have a pressure from our superior.. pressure from customer before them..and pressure from our personal life. I know that's our job! Like it or not we have to do it! It's not easy to smile to look cheerful and to talk in a pleasant way after all the pressure hit us.. But still we force ourself to do it.. We not just using our physical and mental to do our job..but we need to use our emotion..

Staff who work in the office..facing their computer their paper..can do their work with that stress face or 'muka-bebai".. It's not a matter.. but we in this frontliner.. we cant do it..strictly prohibited!! otherwise..our customer will make that cliche complaint... Just imagine you just being scolded by your superior or customer..your fault or not is a second matter.. But still after that you have to greet your next customer.. You cant be mad or show your anger to the next customer.. It's not fair to them.. But we are only human.. sometimes we cant control our emotion.. They are no Degree or Master or PHD in Emotion i guess... only physiology and for sure they dont work in all frontliner..

I never thought that working in customer service can distract my emotion from doing my work as it have to be.. because we not just using our physical and mental but also emotion..and we are not "everytime-happy-robot"... So as i'm working in this line..like it or not i have to.. i try so hard and dying to control emotion to treat all my customer to the way they should be treated.. Positive..positive and positive...

Kenyih walaupun gigi tak rata....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shimmering Grey from Freshkon


That day nak pergi wedding Kak Ida.. Suddenly feel not comfortable wearing my misty grey contact lens..padahal bukan expired lagi pun so tak hape since I've bought another color.. Shimmering Grey!!

The color is just so..so..
because I love Misty Grey more hehe
I always have that feeling if I wear grey color contact lens my eyes will look like perempuan2 jahat punya mata...hahaa i just have no idea why i can think that way..
but this one doesnt make me look like that hehe..
I guess this one is like dolly type..

Monday, September 1, 2014

Review Dherbs Madu Propolis lagi


Seriously nak buat review pasal produk ni.. Aq memang dah suka dah produk ni.. Adalah orang nak recommend pakai produk lain tapi aq macam takut nak try sebab produk Dherbs ni dah bagi result yang makin better..Alhamdulillah...

Ok sanggup godek2 pic lama2 nak tunjuk keberkesanan Dherbs ni... Paling nampak bahagian dahi..

Pic atas sekali tu tahun 2011.. waktu ni akhir2 semester then baru2 lagi masuk kerja... fokus kt dahi tu.. memang aq ada masalah jerawat pasir kat situ.. Kat tempat lain pun sama jugak.. Pic bawah tahun 2012.. memang time ni aq tak guna pun produk Dherbs ni.. aq guna produk2 yang tunjuk kat TV tu yang mana terpengaruh semua aq try..hehehe

Pic atas tahun 2013...memang tahun ni jerawat tambah lagi teruk sebab tekanan hahaha.. Dah la tekanan hidup pastu masalah muka masalah badan bertambah2 lagi tekanan tu T_T.. sampai malu kadang2 nak keluar.. Pic bawah yang paling latest 2014 lepas dah maybe 3month kot guna produk ni.. Susah benor nak carik pic yang tak guna 360 tu last2 jumpa la gambar ni. Tudung kelabu guna camera Samsung Grand and tudung meron guna Samsung Tab 3 kot.. Yang tudung kelabu tu lepas tempek bedak so nampak la cam smooth jek kulit tu.. tapi fokus kat dahi dah kurang dah jerawat pasir tu.. Yang tudung meron dahi pun sikit2 jek jerawat.. and pipi tak la smooth camni cuma tak nampak sangat sebab tutup dengan bedak and effect lightning dari luaq kot..

Yes nak continue guna Dherbs Madu Propolis ni.. Suka effect cerah everytime cuci muka..Sebab dia ada Glutathione ke pa nama benda alah tu.. Jerawat still naik time period.. even tak la bagi gorgeous macam model iklan tapi it's getting better...Ahamdulillah..