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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Story of a Kid, a Shawl and Me

Assalamualaikum WBT

Sometimes when we far apart from Allah SWT.. We forget Him... We gone so far away from Him.. and He loves us.. He'll give us test.. So that we'll come back searching for Him.. Sometimes He gives us sign in may way.. So that we;ll wake up from our lost..

It started when I were wearing my Shawl in front of mirror.. there's a kid asked me whether the hijab's style from this popular singer is correct or not... I  answered No.. and she asked me why.. So i told her the correct way of wearing.. u all know we have to cover our chest..and showing her using my shawl.

Then she asked me "then why dont u wear it like that?".. Gulpp, so embarrassing when we already know how to wear Hijab correctly but still we choose to wear it wrongly.. To cover my embarrassment  I said that this shawl it too short.. I realized that I lied to the kid.. She said " Just now u showed me it can be covered".. I realized my mistake.. So i alter back my way of wearing that shawl so that it covered my chest.. Pwehh how the obsession to look style had blinded me from following the rules of wearing hijab.. Thanks to the kid.. And mostly thanks to Allah that give His reminder through that kid.. May Allah guide me to His Path

Awal Muharram is just around the corner..
May us be better Muslims than yesterday..

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