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Saturday, November 3, 2012

#ProductReview: Silkygirl Eye Love Handbag Eyeshadow


Dessert Rose
Last month kan, bila dah tak tahu mana nak pusing2 dalam 1st Avenue.. Then Watson is the best  destination.. So while watching products there.. then this sweetie cutiee piee bag capture my eye's attention.. So cute... So i decided to buy it.. without thinking so much i grabbed it haha

Natural color tone because i love to wear natural color eyeshadow.. see the mirror there complete with brush..I rarely buy eyeshadow.. I guess it's already more than 2year i didnt buy any eyeshadow... I ONLY use my Sis's one hehe.. The best of natural color is it doesnt change your face a lot and make u look that u dont even wear a make up but look freshh... I dont really like to wear eyeshadow actually..  i only like to use higlight so that my eye wont look that so gloomy..

and right now
i'm waiting for this

yess this 
please release asap

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