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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today is Supermoon Sunday


Hmmm it's gonna be ramadhan again... Time so fast eh?.. Nothing much to say just wanna type and type...  Actually i just came back from work... Have to do OT on Saturday n Sunday... Before this in my previous ofice i do really hate if i have to come to work on holiday but this current company... I really like even not really like but i'm just ok with it because i know i'll get paid... ooohhh hopefully i can spend more for Raya hehehe...

Well, Supermoon is going to happen today... Yok semua kita lihat bulan besar di langit.. Oh bulan...enggan melayan diriku lagi...tiba2 lagu yuna haha... I hope i can see it... What is supermoon? yok wikipedia...!!

"A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon's disk as seen from Earth. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. The term "supermoon" is not astronomical, but originated in modern astrology. The association of the Moon with both oceanic and crustal tides has led to claims that the supermoon phenomenon may be associated with increased risk of events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. However, the evidence of such a link is widely held to be unconvincing.
The next occurrence will be on June 23, 2013. This full moon will be the closest and largest full moon of the year. It also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013. The moon will not be so close again until August 10, 2014."

Hmmm.. actually i'm thinking about my future.. I really dont know what to do.. I'm afraid to make any decision... But i cannot just stare at the moon and start to dream.. I must chase my dream.. to fulfill it... No one gonna make it happen... But i just dont know.. I'm just too tired and lost...

Stand and stare at the moon..
moon my moon..

Saturday, June 15, 2013

#KakiMelangkah ke Universal Studio Singapore Part2

Assalamualaikum.. Ok2 tak yah nak bebel banyak...cepat habiskan entry untuk part tu..

yellow cab
 Stress gila nak tangkap ada jek orang lalu lalang..

giant lolipop..wonder how to finish it
The Library
Sesame Street Show here... Finally can see live..Dulu nengok dalam kaca Tv jek..kihkih..

 Kempunan nak pergi Merlion's park..dapat Singa ni jadik la kan..huhu

mentang2 I pendek..main2 kepala lak...

opppsss sorry Nas..

haa kan molek cemgini

Trust me..nak snap dengan maskot2 ni pun kena queue up... Nasib korang la kalau dapat turn ke tak.. sebab selalu sat jek depa bagi snap time...

So here we are at Madagadcar.. I like this!!!

 Nasib turn kita dapat snap.. kecian tau jauh2 datang tak dapat snap huhu

 Yang ni dah beratur tapi tak dapat turn huhuu...nak2...

 Yang ni pun ok la... Again   melayang lagi $20 untuk pic yang ni..

Nas in the Lost World

yey finally dapat jugak..
Nas hepi gila dapat snap dengan woodpecker ni... Nasib time kitaorang ada 2 last shoot..

Sebelum tu kami dapat la tengok perarakan

Gifts for friend and family
Barang2 memang murah2 tapi convert duit Malaysia memang pengsan..

Serious tak puas tau... nak pergi lagi..nak pergi lagi... Kaki sakit gila2 tau.. next time nak pakai selipar jek..  Hmmm nak pergi lagi next year hopefully boleh... Last day in Singapore kita just pergi jalan2 kat Little India pergi Mustaffa Center...gila tengok 1 floor tu full chocolate jek... Pakai flat pun sakit so terpaksa beli selipar $10... Penat sangat sampai Malaysia around 11.50malam camtu..esok terus pergi kerja.. Taxi service kat Singapore memang best... Kitaorang main tahan jek teksi tak tahu pulak ada taxi stand haha...

p/s: Ya Allah terima kasih untuk pengalaman ini

#KakiMelangkah ke Universal Studio Singapore Part1

Assalamualaikum my fellow awesome readers...

Yeah finally i can update the last entry about my singapore trip.. As there's a lot of pic taken in USS so let's separate into 2 part of entry..So happy reading n viewing.. Finally sampai jugak kaki ku ke USS.. ohh this is the main top reason why i wanna go to Singapore...Alhamdulillah for let me have this experience...

So here we are... taking  cab from our hotel to USS costing of $21 if i'm not mistaken.. Before that Nas and me having Nasi Lemak $4 for our breakfast... Nasi lemak kuah manis =_=".. so for the entry it is $74 means RM177.60..haaa ambik kau... but Nas relative bought the ticket for us.. for citizen it cost $62 jek so RM148 camtu..mahal la gak tapi untuk experience n entertainment boleh la.. luckily we have the ticket otherwise we have to queue up in the morning huhuhu

you guys have to grab the opportunity to snap pic here.. there just a lot of people will fight with u all haha LOL..

i'm here...


 So firstly we went to ride "Spaghetti Space Chase".. Ya Allah.. tuhan saja yang tahu seksanya nak tunngu turn... Trust me we have to queue almost more than half and hour just to ride that not more than 5 minute ride..

Nas patiently waiting..

 Transformer... the most wanted ride... do u guys know that we have to wait for 2 hours for our ride so we decided not to take this ride..huhuhu...

awesome roller coaster
 But we dont ride this hahhaa

photo time

 cost $20 for this pic.. they gave u hardcopy and softcopy..

some of the place

Here we are at the Ancient Egypt.. Hey..I take this ride.. even have to wait for 45minutes...have to go through in the dark sebab roller coaster ni indoor.. Unfortunetly tak boleh bawak camera in..So tinggal beg dekat Parent Nas and terus pergi beratur patiently.. 
Dalam dok beratur tu dah ada announcement yang this is very high speed ride.. they gave us warning.. So as we already queue up so takkan la nak patah balik.. I thought it just so so la kan tak ada la takut sangat.. As this is my first time ride roller coaster.. nak dijadikan best dapat seat depan2 sekali.. terus bermula conversation as below:
Me: Nas.. nas yang ajaq zu naik kan.. boleh tak nak duduk tengah2?
Nas: ok la.. (mungkin pasrah haha)
So here we are...haha seriously this is so high speed... I close my eyes so tightly.. cannot open because so speeding.. Ini memang la.. dah la turun dah takut.. time dia tarik backward memang jantung sentap beb... I've screaming until feel so tired of screaming... this so insane... no wonder they gives us warning... So so creepy i tell you... tak mahu ingat azab itu lagi... tidakkk.. tapi syok sebab hidup lagi..
ada photo candid tau luckily ada technical problem.. if not mest nampak muka kecut aq hahaha..thanks camera..  
then sampai la kita ke Far Far Away

Seriously i advice for u guys yang nak ke sini.. pakai la selipar jamban jek.. and bawak sunglasses..mine tertinggal lak... and if can kalau nak save bawak air mineral banyak2..sebab so hot n u guys akan rasa thirsty gila.. So we took our lunch at Friar's.. restaurant ni located kat Far Far Away.. For safe guided ambik map USS at the entrance so u guys can know which restaurant is Halal.. jangan nak redah jek! We just ate Chicken n Fries, Calamari with Orange Juice all costing $48.68

Ada ride dalam ni but have to queue as usual.. because our feet were so pain.. so we decided not to.. Pakai flat pun sakit kaki..I wonder ada setengah2 girls yang pakai heels kat dalam tu.. u guys so superb la.. Demi nak gorgeous kena seksa diri..sangat kasihan... So we just watched Donkey Show Live..dapat la duduk dalam aircond...haha tempat kanak2 ni.. I asked Nas.. 'What we doing here?'" hahhaa...

reading map...

ok dah banyak sangat pic dalam post ni..stay tuned untuk part 2 lak erk..

Friday, June 14, 2013

#KakiMelangkah ke Cloud Forest @Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Assalamualaikum my readers....Please enjoy your weekend while reading through my pages of life..

So as per promised before... Here i wanna share about Cloud Forest.. It is also located at Gardens By The Bay..Just next to Flower Dome... This place i damnly like so much... because it has waterfall... ahhh i like waterfall view....

oohhh pengsannnn....cantik suka sangat
 Kena percikan air terjun ni syok... sejuk jek kitewww raseeee...teeheee
i heart this so much

moving mini toy..awesome..
gayat sangat.. =_="
aiseh.. Nas kita...

ohhh weee loveee flowerss...

muka cover takut gayat
Naik titi tu serius gayat gila.. I really lose control really afraid so i hold Nasreen tightly...haha apa la aku ni..

so here Keek video for u all..

excited tau kawan kite ni.. see how happy she is..LOL

hey look up at the Big Snail

what can i say is i heart this place so much...
really love...

#KakiMelangkah ke Flower Dome @Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Assalamualaikum my fellow awesome readers....

Yeah finally i can continue post entry with this awesome health's condition hahaha... awesome.. i like that words... So on the first day in Singapore i went to Flower Dome at the Gardens By the Bay.. Fee of $28 to enter Flower Dome and Cloud Forest..Later i'll post about Cloud Forest..

i love the yellow tulips damn so much dude..

This place is some kind of paradise... for flower lover boleh pengsan ooo... cantik gila bunga2 kat sini serius cakap... dengan bau2 lagi... Oh ini sangat paradise...

Oh forgot what this plant's name... Is so beautiful.. just like it's coated with snow... feeling overseas sebentar....

have to queue just to snap pic at this place..

with Nas's Parent
yeah i'm the queen without crown...emmm tiara crown..LOL

There are so many beautiful place for photo snapping.. but so crowded so annoying a lil bit..

Such a very very nice sweet fragrant place.... So many flower so many plant...