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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ceritera Shopping Raya 2014


Sekejap dah nak raya...tanda bulan ramadhan yang penuh barakah ni dah nak habis... persoalannya..adakah kita dah betul2 manfaatkannya?? Nak ramadhan lagi sekali nak kena tunggu banyak bulan lagi..persoalannya kita masih hidup?? Harap kita dapat bertemu ramadhan lagi..makin dewasa ini baru aku betul2 paham nikmat ramadhan..

Entah mengapa raya tahun ni rasa cam tak semangat.. persiapan pun buat last minute.. kuih raya jek semangat buat awai..hehe So shopping2 raya pun buat 2 hari sebelum raya.. Serious tak mau la buat shopping last minute..penat.. banyak orang nak tengok barang pun susah..and paling tak best time tu la tak ada size.. apa yang nak semua tak ada.. Dulu order online awal2.. tak masuk bulan puasa dah sibuk nak belek2 baju.. And rasanya dah lama kot tak beli barang online huhu last beli jam jek..

So Raya ni budget2 dalam RM500 jek  la nak spend untuk baju, beg and kasut.. tapi bila dah nafsu tu.. ter'expense' lebih  dekat 40% la jugak.. Semua sebab sale yang menggila.. Moral of story jangan bawa extra cash.. bawa cukup2  budget je.. nangis bila total up expenses tu almost 3/4 gaji aku.. nak dapat kena tunggu sebulan.. nak spend few hours jek   :'(..

Actually untuk shopping raya memang RM500 tapi sebab sale tangan gatal pergi beli benda yang boleh beli bulan lain..huhuhu Raya tahun ni semua dress jubah.. kaler tak ikut kaler yang nak.. tu la last minute lagi.. hmmmtak apa la manjakan diri lepas teruk2 kerja.. Dr Azizan Osman cakap kita dapat rezeki first buat amal jariah contoh macam sedekah ke bagi parents ke then beli something kat kita.. iolsss ikut cara tu tapi terover spend.. how a big spender i am..

Monday, July 21, 2014

And it's MH17


Let's recite Al-Fatihah to them..

I've received that shocking news.. I thought and hope it just a rumors.. but it's the truth.. Ya Allah.. My Malaysia.. Just couple of month ago about MH370.. Ya Allah... life is fragile is it.. But I do hope that peoples in MH370 still alive and return to their family.. because it's missing..not like MH17.. they've be shot down by cruel people.. so pity of them and their family.. who's gonna expect thing like this to be happen.. mostly in this fasting month where Eid is just around the corner.. life is a fragile thing again.. many people from many countries..in one aeroplane..they bought the same flight tickets.. they brings their luggage probably there's a gifts for the loved ones.. their wish to celebrate Eid. .their wish for holiday..for business trip.. they are just innocent peoples.. I dont know what is the real intention of the people who shot them..but what I know it is so damn bad cruel thing ever... And what's hurt me more.. no one wanna be answerable. . And it even hurt more to see the bodies being abandoned.. they took away the bodies. .hide from us.. the question is why??

It's not valuable to u guys but believe me it is so valuable to their family.. what type of heart?? So many peoples waiting for the bodies of their loved ones..Please have some respect to the owner of the bodies.. would you like it to be treated like that when u are dead? True..I live in the cruel world.. Let's pray so that all this cruelty would be end..and never stop pray for our brothers n sisters in Gaza.. They've been tested so are we.. la haulawala quataila billahialiyilazim..

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm turning to 24 years old lady


16 July!. Yeah my birthday!! one day that usually people get excited with besides Hari Raya hehe.. Alhamdulillah my birthday this year once again fall in Ramadhan.. And I hope all the prayers from all of you be fulfied amin ya rabbal alamin..

I'm 24 already... how time flies.. hmmm I'm a bit disappointed actually because I'm failed to accomplish my mission this year..but somehow all the greetings all the gifts and sweet celebration make me feel a little special that day.. May Allah grant u all happiness hereafter..okey..

I'm taking a quite long leave for my birthday.. the best gift I can give to myself hehe.. I dont want someone to ruin my besday mood so u guys better take leave on your besday haha.. trust me it helps a lot unless u are working in a fantastic working environment..so let's throw some picture

Thanks to Nadiah and Sen for this superb advanced gifts..
Awal 4-5hari kot.. 
Thanks for your time and effort to bright my day that day..
sanggup datang semata2 nak kasi hadiah jek

Thanks to My Sis and her fiance for bought this cake by riding motorcycle..
May Allah grants both of u happiness hereafter..eventhough it's not that kind of expensive cake but who care..thanks for the effort.. and to Ina for my second birthday cake.. first time dapat 2 cakes.. I blow the candles two times.. It taste awesome.. chocolate cake from Equoiteral Hotel..

Ina taking me out for celebration and iftar..
thanks a lot dear for making me feel special..
we celebrate at Bahtera TomYam..
she brings her daughter a long..
I like her so much.. cute naughty girl who so obssesed with aeroplane..
manja dia ye nak Aunty Zuzu pimpin..dukung..duduk atas riba..tarik2 brooch n bracelet Aunty zuzu..ohh Aunty dah diri ni.. nanti keluar lagi k..

p/s: i have a great birthday this year... and my wish are forgiveness and happiness from Allah.. and to my 'past' man any how i thanks u for the wish..why suddenly...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jom Help GAZA..even just a little will do..


It's Ramadhan..
They've been attacked..
They thought that muslim will be weaker in this month
but they do not know
our spiritual are strongest in this fasting month..

what touch me more..
I couldn't do anything..
I can only du'a in a deep sorrow
but I'm a human with full of sins
wonder will my du'a be accepted..
Indeed I'm trying..

besides that we can
Let's spend some of our money to whom in need..
them..our muslim's relative..
who represent us protecting Bumi Palestin..

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Addicted to makeup


have u heard that makeup is just like drugs... once's u try it u cant stay without it.. first I was like 'ye lah tu...".. but now it's like ohhh noo...someone help me.. I used to be a girl that only wear compact powder..bottom eyeliner..and that kind of lipbalm or lip gloss.. that's it I'm ready.. day by day as I grow up to adult.. I start with all that foundation.. concealer.. mascara.. eyeliner.. eyeshadow..blusher.. colored lipstick..

As I'm working in a frontliner.. I need to groom myself..I have to wear all that.. previously I will change my eyeshadow color matching with my outfit then I choose to stick to one color so that I wont waste my time thinking what color should I wear.. but it still colored.. I love to combine yellow and orange.. so when I'm not working or maybe after taking my wudhu after all the make getting rid off.. pergghh all the scar.. the pale.. that so macam orang sakit..

now I love to draw eyebrow and I found myself look weird with no fake eyebrow drawing on.. ohh I cant stand all this.. so right now I slowly minimise my usage of make up.. all wrinkles start to appear around my eyes.. I start to wear natural color... light brown eyeshadow just to get rid the apprearance of dark circles.. and still drawing my eyebrow huhu.. this one is the dangerous drug.. I feel so weird without it..konon macam cantik la konon da kening palsu tu.. no la..

p/s: hey I adore the sephora make up pallette.. just like an ipad shape..

Monday, July 7, 2014

Saya nak fit and slim


Alhamdulillah dah 9 hari kita berpuasa..Dulu lama bebenor nak tunggu raya..tapi sekarang sat ja rasa.. raya pun dah tak berapa nak excited sangat.. hmmm ingat lagi konon2 nak pakai kebaya raya ni.. project red kebaya la sangat huhu.. konon every month reduce 2kg tapi dok gained 2 kg kot huwaaaaaaa...

fedup gila kot weyh... serious tak suka gained weight camni.. kenapa tak suka jadi gemuk??

1. Appearance
mestilah kan.. bila dah gemuk appreance tu mula tak berapa nak gorgeous.. pakai baju kadang2 nampak macam sarung nangka..paling parah macam preggy mom..

2. Confidence level DOWN
seriously.. sejak gemuk ni confidence mula down.. sebab orang mula cakap mula tegur..mula sebut..jadi bahan jenaka..ko ingat itu kelakor??  Then bila jalan kena cover2.. takut zip terbuka..takut button terbuka and selalu terbukak benci tau...

3. Susah cari size baju
pergi shopping mesti balik dengan rasa DOWN gila.. sebab seluar dah extra size.. baju pulak kalau beli saiz besar jadi tangan mengelebeh.. kalau beli saiz kecik sendat.. so terpaksa beli yang besar and sangat tak cantik mengeleber cemgitu.. kadang2 tak boleh beli certain baju sebab gemuk tak molek pakai..

4. Spend duit lagi
dah la expenses banyak.. kena plak spend beli baju ofis baru.. kalau ada baju ofis RM10  sehelai tak ada la kisah sangat.. dah pulak kena beli baju baru sebab baju yang dulu dah sendat and jadi sarung nangka kalau pakai..

5. Kesihatan terjejas
sekarang ni jalan sikit nafas tercunggap2.. rasa dahaga cepat.. badan letih lesu tak ada stamina..ini sangat opposite dengan impian aq.. aq nak sampai tua nanti aq tetap cergas.. penuh stamina dan hyperactive.. aq tak suka jadi lembik!! Then gemuk camni bila jalan2 peha melecet.. habis luka parut semua..tak suka..! Perkara paling annoying. .

Seriously tengah down sekarang... lemak banyak sangat.. sakit lutut sebab badan pendek berat lebihan... workout pun on off jek..off jek banyak..hihi

Dream.. impian

 I have so high dreams
aku punya impian2 sangat tinggi

I forgot my legs are short to reach it..
Aku lupa kakiku pendek mencapainya..

Thursday, July 3, 2014

simple title..tudung


Lately ni isu tudung sana sini... Alhamdulillah ramai dah orang2 yang dah pakai tudung.. artis2 pun dah banyak pakai.. isu ikut trend ke cari publisiti ke apa ke letak tepi as long as depa buat benda yang Allah suruh... Akhir zaman ni orang tu nak mula buat baik dia lah paling banyak dikecam..kecian..bila orang nak baik kalau camtu..come on people..

Adalah sangat pelik bila orang sekarang bertanya kenapa artis tu bertudung.. benda dah wajib kan.. kita dah sedia maklum.. benda wajib tak perlu ditanya.. patutnya tanya kenapa yang tak pakai tudung lagi.. Aq dulu pun camtu simpan hasrat nak pakai tudung sejak form 2 tapi extend until I'm 20years old..on my birthday.. er not really one day after my birthday sebab keluar dating dulu sambut birthday kononnya time birthday tu...

Reason zaman jahiliyyah dulu tak pakai tudung sebab aku tak suka pakai tudung bawal.. tak reti pakai.. cam selekeh.. then rasa diri macam orang tua.. rasa tak lawa..konon macam freehair tu I'll look beautiful la with my rebonding hair.. then come new fashion yang tudung bukan la tudung bawal saja.. I start with shawl and I love it.. so bila dah selesa rasa nak pakai terus.. bagi aq tak ada masalah sangat sebab dari sekolah menengah then masuk politeknik I already used to wear tudung.. cuma luaq dari tu tak pakai la..

so people won't terkejut sangat la kalau aq pakai.. sebelum tu saja praktis pakai tudung keluar.. saja suka2.. betui memang semua yang pakai tudung akan rasa complete rasa tenang bila pakai tudung.. bila pakai yang tak seksi.. laki2 ajnabi aiseh dah tak gatal memandang.. tengok balik pic dulu2 rasa uishh macam mana boleh pakai camtu tanpa rasa segan.. tapi aq tak la betul2 berhijab mula2.. pakai tu ketat lagi.. lengan baju tu masih senteng konon nampak style..hehe tudung masih tak fully covered chest.. sampai sekarang still mencuba pakai proper.. tapi hasutan syaitan tu  haish..

Semoga ramadhan ni boleh la cuba sebab syaitan dah kena ikat.. tapi kenapa masih ada kejahatan?? Sebab nafsu.. nafsu tu kuat sangat.. jadi bukan saja hasutan syaitan tapi nafsu kita sendiri..

p/s: semoga orang2 yang nak menuju jalan Allah dikuatkan hati dan imannya..

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's July 2014.. Happy Fasting Month


Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. I still have the opportunity for this ramadhan. Who gonna know whether this will be our last ramadhan.. so it's better to appreciate and do many good deeds...

I always excited when it comes to July.. because it's my month.. hehe I love July.. nothing important to share just wanna make entry in this month.. I wish I can update my blog everyday for this month.. but I'm just lack of time.. somehow I will find my time.. dont worrymy cutie blog.. mummy wont leave u darling.. so that's it.. I hope this month I 'll receive good news and good things..amin.. cant wait for my holiday..!! Yeah!!!