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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Owh no..I got the Short term memory loss

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Hello guys.. I found something that if we dont take care will lead to a miserable world.. I know "forgot" is something normal.. But not to a thing that u should forgot.. It happen to me.. i think due to my workplace.. i have to remember many things.. being push to remember all those things.. sometimes i feel that my mind is so packed.. So yesterday when i get in my brother car.. i usually seat on the front but that day i seat on the back right side.. As we reached the place.. when everyone is out of the car.. suddenly i forgot how to open the car.. i was like "Eh, mana..nak tekan yang mana ni.." Trust me it really2 happened to me.. i took almost 1 minute for me to go out the car..Padahal bukak pintu 1second ja kot.. I really need to do something.. otherwise, i'll be in trouble.. hala mana tau duk dalam bas tiba2 tak tahu nak p mana.. tak ingat nak balik camna ka.. oh really have to do something.. So here is the facts about Short term memory loss that usually happened to adults.


Signs of short term memory loss

Short term memory loss can involve symptoms from a general sense of being “scatterbrained” to a truly frustrating inability to remember things from the recent past. While sometimes short term memory loss can be a symptom of a serious problem, such as a head injury, usually it's just the result of a hectic, busy schedule and the process of aging.
If you suffer from short term memory loss, you should first see your doctor to ensure you aren't suffering from any serious illness or injury.

Causes of short term memory loss

Once serious issues have been ruled out, what else can cause short term memory loss?
The way our brains naturally function can actually contribute to short term memory loss. The short term memory acts as a memory bank, holding recent events until they can be processed and passed on to long term memory. But the short term memory can only hold so much, and in today's busy, multitasking world, it can become overwhelmed, causing memory loss. The memory of where you left your glasses is overridden by the memory of how many stops you need to make on the way to work, which is overridden by a mental list of what you need to do once you get there...and it goes on and on.

Ways to improve memory loss

Some natural supplements have been found to improve your memory and support brain function, providing improved circulation to the brain and possibly counteracting the effects of short term memory loss. Among these are:
  • Ginkgo biloba--increases alertness and reduces mental fatigue
  • Vinpocetine--increases blood flow to the brain and can help repair brain tissue
  • Huperzia serrata--prevents breakdown of vital neurotransmitters
  • Gotu kola--reduces stress and increases concentration

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