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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 12 '10 things you want to say to 10 different people'

"10 things you want to say to 10 different people"

Actually i wanna say a lot of things to a lot of people but i prefer it to be keep inside only.. because when i mean i really so mean..when i'm nice i'll be so damn nice..

1. My Parent
- i really wanna thanks my parent for raising me to be what i am now.. to let me know what is life.. thousand words can't describe the good deeds that both of u have done to me.. I'll make sure that one day i'll be someone that both u will be proud of and said that.. she's my girl that i've grow up with all that i have.. For my mother.. i really love u.. because eventhough u are fierce as lion but it's the way that u taught me to be a human.. and u are superb because i wanna be just like u when i'm in your age.. because u are super amazing.. and wanna know something.. i love to see u smile.. because u look so cute.. and i'll make sure that u'll smile always.. for my father.. eventhough your age now is supposedly be with your grandchildren at home but u still work.. haha why didnt you tackle mother more earlier..haha i really wanna find a work that can support our family so that u dont have to work...but it's still a long journey right? i'm sorry..i just cant..
2. My family
- i wanna thanks my brother and sister.. eventhough we like to argue.. but both of you still the best brother and sister i have.. i hope that whatever happen..we'll still be together as a son and daughters of our parent.. to be someone that our parent will be proud of.. Thanks for the help given to me.. and sorry for being rude..
3. My Friends
- Friend is our second family.. they'll help us and stay with us no matter what.. i might be said something wrong i may act wrongly.. but i'm happy to have friends like you all.. and i do hope that our relationship will never have the end.. no matter how far we are.. but we'll still be contact with each other..i'll not mentioned their name because i have a lot of friend.. afraid that i may not mention one of their name..
4. My Future Husband
-future husband?? hahah yeah... i dont even know who is my future husband.. but i hope that u are the one that i'll spend my lifetime with.. to love me for all your heart... to protect me.. to guide me.. so that we'll be in jannah.. i promise to be a good wife u ever had..aiseh.. cant wait for us to be together..
5. My Ex-Love
-thanks for the experience u gave me.. so i'll be more careful next time.. Thanks coz exists from my life just in a correct time..
6. My Enemy
- yeah my hell enemy.. ada enemy ke aku ni?? who know musuh dalam selimut..  Actually i dont even care what the hell u guys thinks of me.. u guys can keep on bubbling while i heard nothing.. if u try to pull me down it just because i'm above you right.. please la have a happy life than being busuk hati kat orang lain..
7. My Boss
- firstly i wanna thanks my boss coz give a chance to me to be your worker.. to give me an experience.. and the salary so that i can pay back my loan.. Send me back home when it's too late..Allah will give the best to your good deeds.. But i do hope that you can understand me.. dont push me.. stop make me feel confuse and stop embarrassing me.. if can give me a little more salary ok? haha because my current salary and works given to me isnt equivalent..

8. My Colleagues
-dear my colleagues thanks for being there when i need your help.. Thanks for listening for my bubbling..my problem and thanks for the help given.. When u offer help to me and i said no i'll do it.. it doesnt mean that i'm snobbish.. i just teaching myself not to cling to anyone and do your job by yourself..moreover u know i hate when our boss said "it's your job why u ask someone to do it?"
9. My Citizens
- dear my citizen.. i really want to say please stop littering...stop smoking... especially when u are beside me.. hello dude if you wanna die..please dont bring me with you.. the smoke was so damn annoying me.. and for those who littering.. please make sure no one is around.. it's so jerk.. i really wanna slap your face hahhaa... this two type of people is really annoying and often spoil my mood..

10. My Self
-dear myself.. i just love u so much.. Please give the best to yourself.. be the good one among the good ones.. I know sometime people around u are super duper annoying.. Let them be.. cause u already saw how karma beat them.. Just stay in right position and remember when u are in the Allah path.. u'll be safe.. so hold on little girl..


uyaitusaya said...

:) be da best.. y t0k diri sendiri tu plg tbaik.. :)

MJ said...

mana day 11.???