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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bulan February.... Bulan Gembira..Hope So..

Tarikh: 4 february 2012
Tempat: Home sweet home
Mood: i feel awesome la..

Hi everyone!! Lately ni eventhough  i've face too many difficulty in life.. I received good things too.. First of all it's regarding my computer test for license.. Today is my test day.. But in the morning i suddenly felt that i want to extend it again because i'm totally not prepared.. my mind was so full packed with my work's stuff.. u know.. the depression.. stress... I really want to extend. but i dont want to take long time to complete my license so i decided to take it with any risk..

So after when back from work.. i'm straight away to Myeg USM.. i'm late actually.. 3.10 i arrived there.. last day i called them and they said 3.30 is the maximum.,., So as i arrived there... There's so many people. sampai naik segan hehe.. So guess what.. my number is 085.. the last candidate.. have to wait almost 1 and a half hour for my turn. one girl said she came at 9.30 then till now only her turn.. lucky i am.. only have to wait only 1 and half hour..During photography time.. i was so shy because have to face other candidate.. why must they set up like that.. nak senyum pun keras mulut.. forgot to adjust my shawl.. wandering how my face will look like later hehe.. http://www.smileycodes.info

As my turn come.. .. so start the test with this shaky and sweating hand.. seriously i feel so anxiety to answer the color blind question.. so i carefully aswered it.. pwehhh i'm succeed answering color blind and vision test.. congratulations violetrose.. really feel wanna hug you.. weird right..haha then have to answer 50 question.. answered it carefully.. seriously i feel i'm gonna failed.. i cannot answer some question.. so i've checked and change the answer.. damnly nervous to click at "TAMAT UJIAN" huhuhu.. http://www.smileycodes.info i've face so many dismay in my life so i'm afraid i will have to feel it for this time again.. i have 19 minutes more as i were the last candidate so i dont want to waste time and will accept what ever appear on the screen.. So bravely click at the button and saw "LULUS" 43/50.. http://www.smileycodes.info passed mark is 42.. yeahhh hurrayyy... i love u so much violetrose.. selamat la RM35 aq hehe..

tak percaya boleh lulus..caya la hehe

So go outside the room with a big smile on face...  called my brother to pick me.. then pretend like i've failed.. goes inside the car ad my brother said " hahha failed la tu.. tengok muka pun tau" mom replied " failed ka?".. how dare them? have no confident in me..http://www.smileycodes.info " lulus tau tolong sikit.." i'm so proud of myself hehe.. http://www.smileycodes.info

Second happy story is i won the award  http://www.smileycodes.info hehe.. u all know kan i've been selling the gred AA and AAA perfume.. so i won the mystery gift for January.. can't wait to receive commission and the mystery gift!! i rarely receive good news this lately so i feel so happy even that it's just a small matter to u guys,..

p/s: life feel wonderful when our heart feel so calm.. life fell suck when there;s no calmness in us..

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MJ said...

eh mark kita sama la..miera dulu pun 43/50..mmg twins la kita nie..