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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#Day 7 'Nicknames you have and why do you have them"

Nicknames you have and why do you have them"

Wanna know my nicknames?? Alright since child my family call me eida.. So all my relatives call me eida.. why Eida?? Maybe it's a short form of my full name.. besa la manusia kan malas sebut nama full..hehe My friend prefer to call me Zu... and the cutest nickname that i have is Zuzu.. hahaha same as cat's name right??  Why i have?? U must ask my friends la.. Nicknames from my lover...ohh that's secret ok..haha secret la sangat.. well it's something cliche la dude...


1 comment:

masmaribellmastura said...

lover mestilah pangil sayang..betul tak..?hehe