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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nasi Daun Pisang..First time try

Tarikh: 30 January 2012
Tempat: Ananda Bavan
Mood: oh yeah..


Hi everyone!!..That day kan.. After buat kerja2 despatch.. Awesome tak tempat kerja aq.. dari kerja2 executive sampai kerja2 despatch pun kena buat.. super duper awesome..errr alright2.. As it is on lunch hour so dekat area situ..my colleague brought me to somewhere but before that she asked me whether i'm comfortable to eat at indian restaurant.. I just said OK.. i always like that maa..i'll never say no to food! hehe

So she brought me to "Ananda Bavan".. famous indian restaurant in Penang like what she said... The place is ok and there's so many people there.. foreigner..indian, chinnesse, and others.. She suggested me to eat in daun pisang.. as i never had experienced except makan nasi lemak tu haha.. so i just agreed.

we ate rasem,sambal ikan, sambal udang, yang tiga benda tu aq tak tahu nama apa.. satu diperbuat dari kelapa, satu manggo satu lagi apa tah..haha Yang special..minta la nasi banyak mana pun harga sama ja.. Rasem was so superb.. hahaha nak sebut rasem terus sebut recsam.. kan jauh bebenor maksudnya..

This is RASEM.. taste like soup actually but have some different in the ingrediant used. The small bowl is curry.. but my colleague suggested me not to eat beef and chicken as she not so sure about the 'halal' status..

p/s: i want Rasem..

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