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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I want this Office Desk

Tarikh: 23/02/2012
Tempat: My own world
Mood: oyeah,,


Lama kan tak update kisah pasal what's going on.. haha sibuk dengan 30days blog challenge tu la... being a junior management executive was not so awesome as it's title.. I have to take care of a lot of things.. u know company data, filing, account all those stress2 things.. I really wanna have a feeling that love my current job.. I really wanna go work and see my desk was so tidy up.. But my task wont allowed me to do that dude.. All the paper bring me such a nightmare.. if it is not important i would like to burn all that rubbish things..huh..

A narrow desk wont allowed me to decor2 my desk.. I think i wanna deco my desk so that it more colorful and energetic..that somehow will make  bring me spirit... The current one is so boring.. suram jek kaler paper.. haish kan bes kalau meja aq colorful2 sikit.. i know it may seems look not formal..or what ever la kan.. But at least give a calm view..

owh i really want this table

i know la it look like kindergarden teacher desk kan.. cam tak sesuai untuk office..tapi semangat sikit buat keja hehe..

huishh sempoii beb

ok yang ni over sangat la kan haha
see tak cute pun
trust me.. time paling kemas la aq snap.. hari2 besa memang berceramuk habaq hang..

p/s: lesson for the day.. Duit jangan letak merata kang dah kena ganti RM50 duit company.. huwaa

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