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Monday, September 9, 2013

Pawn Shop Review


Second week of September...ohhh wake me up when september ends.....tiba2...Hey it's been long time since i've made movie review... Because of this story i think i wanna make it.. haha actually that day 07 September 2013..Me and my friend a.k.a my errr can also called colleague went out to watch movie... At first i was so excited to watch The Conjuring.. U guys know la how I love to watch horror movie... tambah2 tengok dalam cinema...memang awesome.. Unfortunately there no movie at our preferred time.. Dalam website tunjuk time awal ada... Pergi kaunter... guess what 12noon.. haiyaaa i'll sleep at the cinema... So we would like to watch Ellysium.. but urghhh maybe that's not our lucky day.. all movie start late at night... So reluctantly have to choose "Pawn Shop".. because it's a horror movie...

It's a horror movie but i just cant stop laughing watching this movie.. guess what?? because the actor were so over acting... and this movie totally boring.. credit only can be given to the graphic only.. overall 2.5 star i can give... It's not me that laughing.. i guess most of the people there... I dont feel anything watching this movie until I can go out to ladies alone during the cinema.. This is my first time going to cinema's toilet alone.. arghhh i really want to watch The Conjuring...

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