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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 9 : My only one Eyeliner

Day 9 : My only one Eyeliner

Let's the story about eyeliner begin... I just love eyeliner so much.. I wont go out without eyeliner.. tapi kalau nak pergi market nak pakai eyeliner itu sudah lebih der.. hahaha what i mean is to hang out la... not to go to market pun nak pakai eyeliner... kau dah gothic sangat apa hal?? ohhh itu dulu..zaman jahiliyah kononnya..

My first eyeliner is pen eyeliner... because at that time i really dont know how to use liquid eyeliner.. guess what the first time i apply my eyeliner all the liquid goes into my eyes... how fantastic it feel.. T_T... Then i use gel eyeliner... then now i can use all of them... ceh konon pandai... 
I dont know why i love to do cat wing style i just love it... Konon korea sangat uolsss... kulit pun tak cerah haah ambik kau terasa..

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