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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 13 : Celebrity Make up..Park Bom..

Day 13 : Celebrity Make up

I just cant wait to make this entry... The best part of makeup which i heart so much is eye makeup...why? because from the eyes lead to heart kahkahkah ok not funny i knew it.. I can go out without blusher or even without lipstick but I wont go out without eye make up... And the style of eye makeup that i'm crazy about is of course korean style... why? because it just so cute.. according to my observation korean eyemakeup usually inspired by doll.. that's why it looks cute..like dying for...

I adore Park Bom from 2Ne1

Double eyeliner....heart this!

gothic looks!



I found she so cute even yeah u all know all the plastic surgery...

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Nur Azwa Edora said...

kita pun suka Park Bom , dia comel sangat2 ! goddess from heaven .. heee :)