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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 19 : Carried in Bag

Day 19 : Carried in Bag

what did i carry inside my bag??
yeah let's check it out girls!!!

1. Pixy Powder
yeahh when your oily face make all the powder fade away... touch up with this! or after taking wudhu' then u want to touch up again.. just use with wet sponge... no need of foundation....

2. LipBalm
Even we are not staying in the snowy weather but we do have aircond that can cause our skin to dry... so do lip... my lips easily get dry... ohh come on girl dont use your disgust saliva.. apply lipbalm...lipabalm...

3. Lipstick
moisture lip will look more gorgeous with color... so have to bring also....

that's it girl!!

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