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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 3 : My Daily Product Makeup

Day 3 : My Daily Product Makeup

1. Revlon Colorstay Foundation Early Tan
After applying my moisturizer I'll apply this foundation to cover up all my flaw...even it's not all covered but it make me confidence enough to go out..hahha

2. Pixy TwoWay Powder Natural Beige
After applying my favourite foundation I'll wear this compact powder.. Sometimes when i'm in the mood of dont-want-to-wear-foundation I'll wear this using wet sponge...

3. Mac 15 color Palette
After done covering all my flaw... Time to give some color to my eyelids.. But i'll just wear natural color.. light yellow + brown and white as a highlight..yeahh i'm done..

4. Silky Girl Eyeliner
Me without eyeliner is a big no no.. I must go out with eyeliner on.. Cat eye wing is my all time favourite..

5. Silky Girl Big Curl Mascara
I love mascara as much as i love eyeliner.. 

6. Silky Girl Big Eyes Mascara
haha wonder why i wear 2 mascara... I just want to have that dramatic-dolly eyelashes look.. trust me it work!!!

7.  In2it Lip Balm
before applying lipstick always dont forget to put on your lipbalm.. It'l' double up your lips moisturizer..

8. Silky Girl Lipstick
come on give some color to your lips girl!!

9. In2it Lip Tini
wanna have that korean lips look.. tint your lips.. oh ya this In2it Lip Tint can also be use as blusher.. just nice...

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