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Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 2 : Foundation


Happy Friday... what so awesome about Friday is because tomorrow is weekend then mostly on friday i'll grooming myself more extra hahaha.. So let's talk about foundation... I rarely can find my suit foundation due to my oily skin face... I've tried so many type so many brand of foundation.. yeahhh it's stated there oil free... control oil and whatsoever.. but result still same.. what might as well i use the usual foundation.. Research by research... Review by review finally I found this Revlon brand..

pic from google
Yeah.. finally found the one that suit me.. It's not so perfect but it is the best among all brand i've used before.. Price also awesome =_=" I bought this during sale in watson price after sale is RM58.88.. because I use it in little amount so it stay longer so u guys can start to save money like RM20 per month to buy this on the third month hahahha...But what i dont really like about it is the bottle smudge a lot..

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