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Friday, September 13, 2013

23rd Nadiah Birthday Celebration


Oh i found it  very hard to make a blog entry in this week.. Everyday come back late from work make me feel so tired.. haha nevermind this coming week is my holiday time... ohh ohhh awesome... So that day 8 September 2013.. I went out with Nadiah... ohhhh finally we can go out... U guys know how long since i've hang out with Nadiah... My buddy from school time... yeahh kawan yang kalau tak pergi sekolah.. dua dua tak pergi sekolah ahahah...i still remember that..

So we planned to go to QB... wanna give Nad a treat! As we dont know where to go so Secret Recipe is the last choice as Nando's full crowded...Dah lama tak jumpa sembang sambil makan sampai tak sedar movie time is just almost there hahaha Luckily Nad already bought the ticket... Nad's bf said that she took  a seat just like both of us are couple.. hahhaa who said couple seat for couple only.. we watched Ellysium.. great movie!!!

sembang tak ingat dunia sampai lupa nak snap pic.. nasib baik gambar aq ni di snap oleh cik nad... gambar cik nad jek tak ada huhuhu... tak apa next date snap 100 keping..haha boleh tara tu..

p/s: so nad when will be our next date..

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