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Sunday, December 9, 2012

#Special Event : Night of the Star MBSB Annual Dinner


Yeah finally at home.. Just come back from KL.. and excitedly updating blog because tomorrow have to go to work.. haiyooo why dont we just get special holiday huhu.. nevermind.. :) So that day 8December2012.. early in the morning I traveling to KL via Bus... I spent my time sleeping in the journey because i'm not feeling well.. running nose, cough and a lil' bit of fever.. So because i am so excited with the dinner.. I move on.. kind of weird with my health right now.. easily get ill.. They said if we took plenty of plain water our health will get better but for me i get fever easily huhu. before this i dont really like to take plain water n i rarely get fever.. what this mean?? i also couldnt understand..

So at 3pm I checked in at Eastin Hotel.. take a shower and quickly get myself ready..because at 6pm I have to go to One World Hotel for the dinner event.. Because of "kegawatan ekonomi" I just do makeup by myself... And yes finally managed to wear fake eyelashes.. sekali sekala melaram tak apa kot kan hehe..

The Simple me.. Glitter only on the eyes..
my Glitter Fake eyelashes..

Yeah Reen n Me ready for the dinner
Reen is so pretty gorgeous
Thanks for lend me dinner bag

oh ya.. I bought this dress instead of wearing what i plan
will make a review later..
I just love leopard okeyhhh..

here we are..
arghh my table just far from the stage..

okey that's Nabil(RL2) and Halim Othman as our MC

zoom a lil bit
Nabil were so funny gila2 that night..
Ramli Sarip n Man Kidal also do the performance that day..

while waiting for the food
10 menu of foods
so full that night
Chinesse style food

we alll bajet retisss u alll
dah pakai high heels pun still the shortest..
eh tak..tak..
my height is just cute la..

She really looks like Ella tau..

with my boss
She really awesome

Her makeup were so pretty

this guy is the MOST gentleman man i ever meet!!
He serves the foods for us..
asking whether we want to eat or not
haiyaa so lucky la His Wife..
yup already married..
sorry girls haha

there're lucky draw there
guess what the prizes??
10 Samsung Galaxy Note
4 Mini Ipad
Make up set worth RM1k ++
Electronic products
and many more

not for me huhu

I only got this..goodies bag for everyone..

p/s: Event finished at 1pm..so tired.. if i'm feeling well i'll definitely get myself enjoy that day..

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