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Saturday, December 1, 2012

#FoodReview = "Manila Place @ Gurney


That day after working hour, me and all my colleagues including Big Boss went to Gurney to have farewell dinner for 2 of our staff that want to resign... resign also have farewell arr?? hehe.. So they decided to have dinner at Manila Place.. At 7.30pm, my department: Operation went there because u guys know la operation department always have to stay back late due to lot of money to be tally of $_$...

I've never know this place before until i go there.. Thanks to Kak Haj for the ride.. Kak Haj, Nas and Me chose Grilled Chicken with Cheezy Almond Sauce as our dinner... The taste were so awesome for me.. and Ice Lemon Tea for  our beverage..

sweet Reen hehe
Friend turn to colleague
I spent more time with her now
like she said
"Sekarang u spend more time with me than your family Zu"

Actually the meal come with set of
Bread + Butter + Mushroom Soup
(the bread taste is so awesome!!)
plus Ice Lemon Tea
and a scoop of ice-cream
for only
so cheap..
I sat with bosses there so 
kind of shy to snap more pic..
why right now my cheeck n face turn to be so bulat? huhu

time for the rating
Food&Price = *****
Enviroment = *****
Revisit = OF COURSE! :)

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