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Monday, December 31, 2012

GoodBye My 2012 Chapter..Welcome My 2013


Oh my...oh my.. It's already 2013... how come time flies so fast.. I'm going to turn 23... so old.. have to really take care of my skin haha.. ridiculous.. I would like to make a wishlist here.. Of course everyone want to be a better person for new year.. this time nak buat wish yang duniawi.. ehem2 bukan lupakan keagamaan.. for me.. wish utk keagamaan tak payah tunggu  new year segala kena hari2 setiap masa sebab kita tak tahu mati kita tu bila..

So please feel free to read my wishlists for the year of 2013
and some maybe my life's plan
and if can please make it come true hahaha
so are i ready??
updating blog while listening to "The Pussycat Dolls- I Dont Need a Man"

1. To be a Good Worker Ever

ada style tak jadi pekerja bertauliah
As i got into new job.. to be better worker is a must for me.. I wanna do work efficiently.. means no more "error correction" term.. I just love my current work now rather than the previous one.. eventhough it more challenging.. more risk.. but i just love the enviroment..Alhamdulillah

2. Travelling

Erin and me have make a plan to go for travelling this year... Yeah i'm so super duper excited with this plan.. we planned to go to
Universal Studio Singapore
Legoland Malaysia
hahaha this is so crazy... but i wish it may come true..please..please..

3. Car License

pwehhh this is so embrassing.. i havent completed  my licence yet.. oh man.. nevermind this time i will.. InsyaAllah.. then hoping to have a car for my own facility..u guys know la how far my workplace.. with current salary it'll be a lil' bit hard...

4. Further Study

of course i do have dream to have high qualification.. i dream of having PHD haha.. My plan is to further my study at WOU.. I stopped my PJJ class because i found it so hard for people like me.. i would like to take Banking and Finance haha course that i never planned before.. but i thought of having car first.. some may say why should i have car first instead of further study.. go further study first then get a better job with better salary and buy better car..This may sound ridiculous but i need transport to go to study too.. who gonna fetch me..u? My brother wont be with me everytime.. but have to see first how this gonna flow..

5. Saving

Yeah this every year wish seems to be failed haha.. But as i worked in a kind-of-bank place, when i saw people got so many amount of saving.. I thought of having it too haha... wonder how can old uncle can have that big amount of money.. they just wore simple cloth.. Kita yang pakai over2 ni saving apa pun tak dak ekekeke... So i really wanna have saving.. as my plan to go for travelling..it is a must for saving kan haha..

oh i wish all this will become true...

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