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Saturday, December 29, 2012

#ProductReview : Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation


2012 going to end.. so hurry post out entry haha.. nothing much just want to share with u guy.. That day i bought this Stay Matte Foundation from Rimmel London at Watson cost RM27.90 if i'm not mistaken.. I attracted to buy it because it stated there "Up to 12Hour Natural Shine Control".. u guys know la how terrible my oily skin problem.. that's why i prefer not to wear foundation but when i saw my gloomy face and plus there's people out there so keen about my look so i must try to find foundation that suit me..

But this is so disappointed.. It just a big No..No.. for me.. my face start to oily than usual after 4 hour.. chaiya..when can i found foundation that suit my skin.. arghhh this is so waste of money.. maybe it just not suitable for me.. but I've read in other blog review..  some face the problem as me and some have no problem with it.. so my journey to find foundation start again... need to throw this foundation but hmmm..

i planned to try 

or this on the next month

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Anonymous said...

Kalau muka berminyak yang sgt teruk. better pakai foundation base / primer supaya makeup tahan lama dan tak oily sgt. other than that , kena cuci muka betul-betul sebab kulit muka yang berminyak ni selalunya mempnyai masalah jerawat yng teruk sbb pori terbuka dan kotoran akn msok ke dlm pori :))