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Sunday, December 9, 2012

#GirlsDayOut: Hunting for Dinner Dress


What a lovely December..hurray..huraay..haha that day kan 2nd December 2012.. Reen and me went to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue to hunt dinner dress for me... See how exuberant she is.. So we started to search for it at every floor.. then only decided to take our lunch at OT... yeah OT again... last time with Mirae and this time with Reen.. later will be Nana..

gambar wajib ditangkap bersama..

Reen with her OT Nasi Lemak
Because we are so damn hungry so we ordered greedily haha
see myself
with 2 scoop of ice-cream
then orange float again
this is really NOT healthy dude haha

hey where my pic??
forget to snap my pic huhuhu

So the journey of hunting dinner dress still on moving.. Haiyoo so expensive lor.. I am the kind of stingy person..So i dont wanna waste my money.. dah la tengah kegawatan ekonomi kan huhu T_T so at first i just though of having blinking sparkling inner singlet to be wear with jacket and maxi skirt only.. so i just bought that blinking sparling inner singlet costing RM40.. T_T.. then we hunting for accesories...i just bought rings,..
Yeah cant wait for that Dinner..

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