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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Awesome Ending of December with End Year Sale!!


Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so super duper happy... Lamanya tak update blog... Orang rajin bekerja memang cemgini .huweeekkk perasan hahhaa... ok2 stop all this nonsense okey... Hey guys it's already one month i've become MBSB's staff.. Alhamdulillah.. still lot to learn to absorb... after chaos that i've done luckily i'm new staff.. but after this i'll make sure this wont happened again.. pwehhh nasib baik... So yesterday I received my first salary.. Alhamdulillah Allah.. i dont have to struggle to scrounge for my salary.. Alhamdulillah it's higher than what I expected... Alhamdulillah for everything u gave me after all torment that i've gone through..

So i chose to go to QB yesterday with my mom in hoping to shopping.. hahha end-year sale right?? first have to rush to ATM machine as i know there'll be long Q there.. as my turn.. the card suddenly come out..  then second try. invalid pin card.. GOSHHHHHH whyyyy??? so as there a long Q i just walked away to go to another ATM machine.. now i know i use the wrong pin card.. byk sgt card atm kan..hahhhaa . luckily can withdraw money..

but this month i wanted to buy outfit for work as i'm lack of it.. most of my blouse have torn up... hey hello it's not because i'm getting bigger okey..dont smile like that.. it's because i accidentally turn up the temperature of iron..huhu.. All sales..sales..sales.. and i'm going crazy... but luckily i brought my mom a.k.a my financial adviser cum consultant haha..so i have to limit my expenses but yet still i spend RM300++ haha but with mom's permission this is so awesome.. I bought 4 blouse at Brand Outlet..hello buy 1 free1 la..so buy 2 free 2 lor.. it's SAVE!! and also i bought 2 pants at my favorite shop "Acewin".. Yes finally have plenty of blouse to wear to work..

As it is a COMPULSORY for me to wear makeup at work.. so i just bought a few makeup collection.. later on i'll go for makeup shopping again with my best buddy Nad as i promised her.. I just bought 2 liquid eyeliner which is turquoise and black in color..u guys know how much i love eyeliner.. and also blusher as i dont have that collection at all.. IN2IT brand only.. as i dont have any foundation so i give myself opportunity  to try RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte Foundation.. it's good for oily skin as per stated.. let have a check first okey..

As i 'ngidam" to eat Cheese Naan... my favorite ever.. I chose to eat  at Kapitan.. this time my Bro came along to join us.. So i ordered Chicken Minali + Cheese Naan.. saja nak try Minalli..hehe.. But not going to story about what food i ate but about EMBRASSING MOMENT happened there...huhuhu.. guysss u know what.. as i want to wash hand i slipped backward and luckily my Bro are there to hold me from falling... arghhh so shameful... why always this kind of  shameful thing happened to me??? pwehhh Bro thank you.. this all because the long dress i wore huhu.. luckily it's my Bro that hold me of stranger lagi la malu kan.. eh mana tahu jadi cam novel kot2 jodoh ekkekkee...so moral of story dont wear long dress haha...

Shopping is the best healing process for girl...

my OOTD 
love the flow of the flare
and because of this dress i fall huhu
yes i'm in da fitting room
macam u guys tak pernah buat..

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