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Monday, December 31, 2012

#GirlsDayOut : QB End Year Sale Again


That day I diligently accompany my Friend..Erin@Reen@Nas...hehe to shopping end year sale again..and again... Yeah this end year sale really drove me crazy.. 4 digit number in my saving turn to be 3 digit only T_T.. But this time I've managed to handle my self from buying even one thing ekekeke... Yes i made it.. So my way to do it by withdrawing little cash.haha the less u brought your money the less item u may buy!!

patiently waiting to order food 
chicken rice shop again because that day i were thought of having Prime BBQ Honey Noodles instead of Grilled Butter Chicken..
But the presentation of the food is not as illustrated..
taste hmmm ok la..because i'm hungry at that time..

the shortage of going out 2 person only is u cannot snap pic together
so have to combine like this haha
kira ok la tu
Rainbow Delight is awesome
love nata-de-coco

see how madly Erin shopping hahaha
I only helped to carry bag..

accomplish Erin dream of having StarBuck
see how blissful she is haha

p/s: It's weird my life getting more awesome when i'm single..maybe because i were in the wrong relationship before..

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