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Saturday, December 29, 2012

#GirlsDayOut : Year End Sale @ QueensBay Mall


Well hello..hello...haha i'm still in the happy mood..orang baru dapat gaji kan..haha tak ada kena mengena.. So on that Christmas public holiday.. My friends and i went out to QB... ohh i miss to hang out with them.. But this time Nas is not joining..

QB were so packed with human being.. orang lain pun sibuk nak shopping.. So our intention to have lunch at Dave Deli have to be cancelled.. urghhh... have to go to Chicken Rice Shop.. oh man... so full with human being... Luckily there's a table for four of us.. Yes... Hey new menu there.. Grilled Butter Chicken.. quite awesome.. better to try it!! Teringat muka waiter snobbish giler ambik order tak pakai notepad.. when i asked him " Boleh ingat ke?" He gave me that smile-yang-amat-tak-boleh-blah.. konon boleh ingat la tu.. Nah ambik kau.. silap kan.. udah di bilang dong makanya jangan tunjuk pandai haha.. Tunggu our lunch memang lambat gila.. makanan dah sampai..fork n spoon tak ada.. okey greattt!!! dah la tengah lapar.. Nasib kami bukan kaki-buat-havoc..

My plan is to go to karaoke at Neway but also packed with human being.. why u guys also go there?? arghhhhh hasrat terpaksa dipendam..sobs...sobss.. Nevermind, shopping may help to clear the stress.. At first I thought of buying bag and shoes.. but ended bought none of them.. I bought pant, peplum and other that are not in the list...huhu My plan to buy shoes at Nose had ruined out when there are no my size at all.. arghhhh damn.... i hate sale.. kaki budak sekolah cemgini la..

ok dont worry
be happy
it's a picture snapping time

Mirae's outfit really suit the Christmas theme
tudia depa shopping
chubby of me
kind of like this candid
We r already SINGLE lady
so hugging friend instead..

lentok manja kat Nana
so my OOTD

skirt always from DalzButtonCraft

p/s: do know why my life is getting more happier day by day..Thanks Allah..

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