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Monday, June 13, 2011

My "Montel".."Gebu".. "Bulat2"

Tarikh: 12 Jun 2011
Tempat: palace of aquarium
Mood: yeaahhh


ok after went to weddings with my family.. my brother ask us to accompany him to go to fish shop.. i just though it just usual fish shop.. ok la never mind dari tak tahu nak pegi mana.. so just follow.. as we reached there fuh wahh how come fish shop have 3 level.. it's called palace of aquarium... so beautiful place for me... but unfortunately "No Photo Taking".. aiyak..

not only fish..there are also turtle( macam2 jenis), iguanna, fish of course, cat, hamster, rabbit, snake, dog and so on... guess what there is a fish cost rm8888.00 perghhh cam hantaran kot price dia.. then i was attracted to this montel2 gebu2 n bulat2 fish.. its in the group of goldfish too but i forget it's real name.. my brother said it was ugly but for me it the cutest fish ever..it cost rm2.80 each and i bought 2... ectually i want turtle as my pet but my brother doesnt allowed me to keep one because he scared that it might eat his fish..amenda la kan

but after all, i already got my montel2 gebu2 n bulat2.. can't wait to see it grow.. totally will look like ball haha... and i wish that my montel2 gebu2 n bulat2 will live longer because my brother's fish always bite and chase them.. so pity taw x when they struggle to run because they have a heavy body.. it's so pity n cute haha.. macam budak gemuk kena buli la haha i want to there again because that day we have to come back early and i'm just walking around level 2..

-my montel & bulat in the plastc otw home- - my montel & bulat in new home-

p/s: i love my montel2 haha

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