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Monday, June 6, 2011

my interview story..

Tarikh: 07/06/2011
Tempat: my own world
Mood: fuh lega..


Seperti yang diberitahu today i have an interview.. 10 am... i woke for subuh prayer then sleep i know i not supposed to do that.."tidur lepas subuh rezeki tak masuk".. but i'm so sleepy la.. u think i can sleep at night??... then at 8 o'clock i woke up and get prepared.. today i'm wearing brown blouse.. why? because it the only proper blouse that i have.. i want to wear purple because i feel more confident wearing that color but unfortunately i dont have other blouse to wear..:(

should i have to wear make up? yup because my face was not flawless so i have to wear makeup to cover my pimples my scar a lil bit.. i use Nano white sunblock skin color as base.. before that as usual use Nano white retreatment toner to minimise pore.. then BB silkygirl compact powder.. i love the texture.. then saja galak2 pakai mac blusher lightly.. then light maybelline eyeshadow i use brown just to make it look naturally. put white eyeshadow on emm what is it calles.."tulang kening" so that our eyes look brighter.. because i dont get enough sleep i need to wear eyeliner so that my eyes look "fresh" .. in interview eye contact is important so give attention only on our eye.. i use silkygirl eyeliner gel.. i love this.. just put thinner layer.. then mac mascara.. maybeline lipgloss as final touch..use natural color so that tak nampak over la kan.. bukan interview nak jadi model..

ok 9.05 and i'm ready to go.. thanks to my mom for accompany me.. hehe takut la p sorang2.. but my mom tak dak la ikut sampai masuk dalam.. as i reached there my heart beating increase so that my adrenaline.. luckily everything just ok.. the employer was good.. from my point of view my employer is a kind person.. so i doesnt feel nervous anymore.. then they saw my artwork hardcopy and softcopy.. fuh luckily my brother bought new ink so i can print my artwork in A4 size.. he ask me whether i know how to use coral draw.. i just said i doesnt use it yet.. i have do some reseacrh about coral draw it just like adobe photoshop perhaps.. maybe i can explore it later if i get the job.. then we discuss about the salary.. guess how much my expected salary?? rm1300 because i saw the standard salary for diploma is rm1500.. but the employer said that he can give me rm1000 only.. then he will recall me in 1 week..

My mom said rm1000 is ok.. start from bottom... rm1000 is just ok if we know how to manage our expenses.. if we some kind of "peacock" person maybe we'll said rm1000 is not enough.. i'm single so rm1000 is ok than nothing... for me.. i want salary rm1000 and above.. so that i can save more to further my study.. well this is just an interview.. whether i get the job or not i just leave it to Allah.. because Allah know what the best for me..

p/s: pencarian rezeki terus dicari..


fiza said...

wahh..dh interview..hope dapat!!! =)

ceritasekupang said...

all the best...