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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KL TRIP: Day 8 to 15

It's sunday but i woke up early.. why must i woke early?? So we're having lunch at Paparich at Publika.. I ate Chicken Rice  with Iced Mocha while Faatin having Prawn Mee with Teh Ice. It's feel good at first but we are so shaking sebab duduk betol2 bawah air cond then suddenly baby cockroach moving beside the table.. it's like..Oh nooo...So called the waiter to take away that "creature" hahaha.. Faatin were not so happy with that situation.. i can see from her face.. Then we went to BIG Grocer in Publika.. It's like Tesco..Giant but it have imported product that i've never saw in other place before because in Solaris Dutamas..the residents are from many countries so maybe that's why the supermarket have all that products.

First day in KL office.. have to set up following the list-of-jobs given.. then being left alone.. because too afraid to go out so i decided not to go out for lunch even feel so hungry.. During dinner i and Faatin just ate at the stall nearby..

DAY 10
This is a day full with stress.. look as a marketing people, we should love every client that come but i feel so stress because i couldnt handle all of them.. Luckily Faatin is here today so we went to Groupbase Restaurant and having Wantan Mee with Iced Tea.. for more review about this restaurant will be update later ok.. This day also my Madam give me a shocking news that i need to extend another week haiyaaa i already counting the day la...but i just accept it.

DAY 11
It's a blackout during heavy rain with all that thunder and lightening.. Thanksfully Faatin is there otherwise can u guys imagine how am i gonna face this all alone.. i'm afraid of dark.. So during lunch we just ate at the stall nearby.. Ate ayam berempah.. taste awesome also.. Faatin suggest us to cook this night.. So she cooked marinated chicken that we bought from the BIG Grocer.. I bought cupcakes too.. Bought form Cookies Box at Publika. the cupcakes and cake are all so cute!!

the chocolate one is awesome

DAY 12
Here alone again in the office.. but during lunch i went to Groupbase with Faatin.. Today i just ate nasi campur.. Then as usual the waiter write down the price into a piece of card then i saw 7.60 and 3.00... it's like WHAT??? only small chicken with half plate rice also 7.60?? and Bandung Iced 3.00?? Then Faatin called the waiter and guess what.. the waiter said.. it's not 7.60 but 1.60 for the Bandung Iced and 3.00 for the rice hahhaha.. He said sorry for the handwriting.. feel relieved... If not i wont go this restaurant again haha

DAY 13
 Alone again,,,and this time the blackout happened again.. Arghhh!! i'm alone.. luckily it's only 4.30pm.. so still have light so that i wont feel that so scared.. And i called my mom.. message Si Dia... So hate to be alone...

It's Saturday!! and no work for today!! We ate at Chawan again.. I ate Nasi Tomato dengan ayam berempah and Watermelon Juice.. i thought we dont have to go to office today..but have to go huhuhu Then during dinner we went to Wau Penyu Restaurant at Publika.. I ate Mee Rebus + Milo raksakso.. for more details about this restaurant will be update on next entry ok.. So after having dinner we would like to go to donwtown around Cheras but it's not our luck today.. no parking..

It's Sunday and i woke up at 1.05 pm see how terrible i am.. We having lunch at kedai mamak Bestari at Publika.. It's not like kedai mamak biasa because it have claypot, sizzling, mini wok and other.. Kedai mamak lain mana jual semua ni kan... I ate Nasi goreng ayam (RM8.80) it's a bit expensive right... Then we went to Hentian Duta to buy my ticket back to Penang hurray!!..  On our way to the counter then some group of boys give salam to me,, as usual i dont bother this type of man because i hate this type of man haha.. Then when i dont give any feedback... he said " Bagi salam tak reti jawab... pakai tudung saja.. bek tak payah pakai tudung..bukak tudung tu" can u guys see how stupid how uneducated he is?? Even i felt like wanna slap him.. I just let it be because my principle.. never talk to idiot because they will bring u to their level haha..sorry bro...  Faatin wanna wash her hair today.. so i thought that i wanna cut my hair too.. so we went to Dreaming Saloon.. The hairstylist were so surprised with my hair." wow kembangnya rambut u,,,,tebalnya".. it's a cliche to me everytime go to saloon.. It cost RM35 for cutting my hair, wash and blow..The hairstylist is also from Penang so when Penang meet Penang we senang mesra la kan.. but i still remembered he said " u manusia kan bukan hantu kan,,rambut tebal sangat2 ni" hahha He said i dont have to worry because if i have hair loss it wont effect me so much haha

After that we went to The curve again.. It's a sale at Cotton On and Faatin were busy choosing the clothes.. Actually i wanna eat at that time because my stomach was so pain.. but after saw the joy at her face because of that sale.. so i just let it be.. Then i decided to eat at Kenny Rogers. I ate Chicken Makaroni Cheese (RM16.50) + Jewel Treasure (RM7.50).. and hey i meet Harith Iskandar and his wife there... I cant finish my meal because my stomach dah masuk angin.. Rugi duit aq haha and furhermore it's a cheese.. so if i force myself to eat afraid that i'll vomit hehehe.. I bought long dress cost RM39 only.. i asked for 35 but couldnt get and because i like that dress so i bought it.. forgot to snap the pic.. it a striped black and yellow.. haha demam kuning dah.

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