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Monday, April 30, 2012

#Food Review:"Charlie Brown Cafe" @Strait Quay


decoration at the ceiling

left: Franklin Frappa (RM15.00)
right: Cappucino Hot ( RM9.50)
the artwork is too cute for me to drink it

Mini Beef Burger with Fries (RM16.00)
the burger is big for me.. how can they called it mini burger haha


 Spaghetti Bolognese Beef ( RM16.50) for me

Coffee Almond Mousse (RM 9.50) as our dessert
taste good..

For us from the taste of the food that we choose that day we give ***
for the decoration of the restaurant i give ****

it's a white chocolate actually.. when i want to eat the cake.. i put aside this thing and suddenly one chinnesse guy came and said " itu boleh makan punya.. itu chocolate".. maybe he thought i dont know it can be eat.. emm i think he's the owner of the restaurant.. if not it'll be a stranger when someone suddenly said that to us haha

cute decoration is ready to be snap
actually not feel that shy to snap pic here because everyone are doing it too

i wanna have it too...

my oufit for today.. rasmi pakai my new yellow shoes.. and suffering from the very pain..

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