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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Theory Class for License D

Tarikh: 27/05/2012
Tempat: My own world
Mood: oyeah..


Hello it's sunday!!! but i have to wake up early for my 3 hour theory class.. See how long it's been delayed.. last my computer test is in February.. If i follow the flow most probably i'll know how drive right now.. It's ok.. things happened for a reason.. So i arrived there at 8.05 am.. my class is at 8.30.. Go early because i've told my brother that my class is at 8.00 am.. He always send me late that's why have to lie to him hehe..

Guess what my class start 9.00 am.. i'm so sleepy.. just few of people in my class.. around 18 persons only.. That room were so damn cool feel like i were in refrigerator.. I hate this room... I can even smell the cow smell..haha I'm shaking and all my hand start to feel pain everytime it hit any surface.. When the "Cikgu" give us 15 minutes break.. i change my seat to seat away from aircond.. Hey i meet my schoolmate.. She's my senior.. So have short chit chat.. I feel so damn cold and loss my mood to talk..haha This class only 3 hour but not really 3 hour less than that.. What i learned are car's component, what will we learned next class, refresh back all the sign hahha suddenly my "Cikgu" pointed to me when he asked " haa Siti, peraturan jarak ada berapa?" i said "3".. is it right?? haha

i thought i'll start hold the steering quickly but have to wait 16 june 2012..walauwehhh!!! so long time to wait.. i'm already excited.. Because the schedule is already full so the earlier is 16 june 2012.. huh, looks like i'll have training class on Ramadhan... My"Cikgu" brought us to the track to let us see other's doing side parking, 3 pointer, and so on... So cant wait to next class..

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