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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#Food Review : The Garden @ The Curve


Hello.. Last day in KL that day kan.. Sebab nak jumpa seseorang so we when to the curve while i have only 3 more hours to go back to Penang.. So we would like to have lunch at The Curve.. As usual Faatin and me always dont know where to eat.. So u suggest to go to Secret Recipe... But cannot find the location of Secret Recipe.. haiyaa...So as the person that we want to meet is at The Garden so we just go there... Wow it's a place where i feel like wanna go on the first day came to The Curve.. But i thought it's non halal.. but after saw no wain (do know whether it have it or not) and there's  Malays there so i just ok with that.. The place environment were so awesome..

what a very beautiful sightseeing..

i ate Chicken Teriyaki (RM18.90)
Iced Mocha (RM9.90)

The taste of the food were so awesome...but couldnt finish the mashed potatoes because were rushing because have to go back to Penang. And the person that we meet that day is Mimie Haris.. i dont know she's an artist until Faatin mentioned it to me..


Enviroment and Decoration = *****
Food and Price = ****

very beautiful place... but i think it's only in KL..

*all pic taken from google...

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