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Saturday, May 26, 2012

MY Work..Study in USM..oh i'm so in dilemma

Tarikh: 26/5/2012
Tempat: My own world
Mood : ohh..dilemma


Start a day with smile guys!! SO how u guys feel at this moment?? Actually i just came back from work.. with uncompleted work i just came back hahha hey dude i need rest too okay.. otherwise i'm going to be crazy wokey!! Yesterday got message from USM.. It's time to check my result.. Curik2 bukak internet walaupun tengah busy dengan paper2 work that me going crazy.. So it's appear as below:

 4 tahun kiahh ooii
so will only get my degree when i'm 26 years old
hmm.. dah bergelar Puan kot time tu..
tak apa konvo nanti bawak husband..
aiseh cam confirm2 nak kahwin dah..

Alhamdulillah yey!!!!!! My wish to become one of USM student accomplished.. err not accomplished yet ok.. Dont be so happy yet... Actually my wish ok since primary school..everytime cross USM.. my heart to say "Besar nanti nak belajar sini la"..  During my diploma time.. my heart said " Hmmm tak dapat la jadi student USM".. and during my practical time my heart said " yeah tak dapat jadik student dapat practical pun jadik la." During working time.." bestnya jadik student.." and
get opportunity to be USM student
Alhamdulillah, I love u Allah..

But what i've been worrying right now other than money is my work.. U guys already know that i wanna quit my job because my heart no longer like to work there.. So if i'm just quit my job then if say i got new job.. It is possible for me to request for 2 weeks leave.. Because if i take this offer i must take leave for 2 weeks during orientation... So i think maybe i must work until 2 weeks end and start finding new job.. Oh why..why must this all happen???? i'm so in dilemma..

Frankly speaking.. my heart 100% wanna quit my job now because i cant stand the pressure..all the abasement word given to me...but my mind 50 % said "if u quit now.. u'll have no money.. work is hard to get... pressure at home... u'll regret" other 50% said " just quit.. still wanna work at that kind of workplace?? People never appreciate you..! When u already quit.. u'll have time to find another job.."

somebody pleaseeeeeeee help me!!!!!!!

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