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Sunday, May 27, 2012

#Tips - Tudung Bawal Printed..Wear with Inner Syria

Tarikh: 27/05/2012
Place: Home sweet home
Mood: awesome


Sunday is my "posting entry" day!!!!!!! haha Hey, it's a trend for bawal 2 tone, 3 tone and printed bawal nowadays!! But i dont really feel like wanna have it at first because i dont know how to wear it.. i know how to wear bawal but it'll take time and turn to be messy.. my love to shawl n syria only hehe.. But when saw my sister have a collection of Bawal.. So i just wear it.. hmmm failed.. cant wear as usual.. but i do wanna wear bawal.. so i took my sister's bawal printed.. and start to experiment with it..

hmmm ok jugak kan pakai cemgini hehe

full view... sorry i just love yellow now

pakai cam selalu orang pakai pun okey gak..

next wanna wear like this.. 

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