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Monday, January 2, 2012

Winged Eyeliner..Tutorial Double Wing eyeliner

Tarikh: 2/1/2012
Tempat: Home sweet home
Mood: oh i love it

Sorry for the too much entry.. my blog right?? hehe Ok talk about eyeliner.. I love to wear eyeliner since 2008.. but only on using pencil eyeliner and only apply it on the bottom eyes.. Then start from 2010 i've tried to wear on both upper and bottom.. i've tried using liquid eyeliner but guess what.. the liquid goes into my eyes and it so damn sore.. merah mata kiah ooii.. so i stop using it.. Gel eyeliner make the changes in me.. easy to apply and the effect is fantastic.. i can even make cat eyes a.k.a winged eyeliner.. it's not really fantastic but it's ok la.. sekarangkan ramai suka buat cat eye.. after succeed using gel eyeliner..i've tried again to use liquid eyeliner.. pwehh it's make it!! so love it.. but still not perfect but at least ok kan... So i would like to suggest some product that i found good and easy to apply..
Check this out..

a lil' bit hard for the first time user but if u try it oftenly the result would be superb..trust me

this one is superb.. because of it i love to wear eyeliner.. belajar buat winged eyeliner guna ni la dulu

superb too.. tapi baru beli dalam 2 bulan dah habis kering..

someone please teach me how to make up like this..

cantik kan..
yang ni pun macam ok jek hehe

Ok2..for tutorial.. u guys can watch the video below.. sapa lagi kalau bukan
aq memang suka tengok tutorial dia.. ok enjoy..

p/s: stok eyeliner dah nak habis sapa boleh tolong beli hehhe 

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