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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Untungnya Gadis ini Calon Suami Proposed Begini

Tarikh: 29 January 2012
Tempat: Home sweet home
Mood: owhhh manyak sweet lor..

Hi everyone..It's sunday night.. yeah tomorrow have to go work hurrayyyy!! *please stop lying..okeyh2..
Well actually just now i've been blog-walking.. Get so bored no one's update new story so i just blog-walking.. and found this "sweet-wanna-have-to" video.. So guys what u guys waiting for.. check this out

I have soft heart okey...it will be no meaning to u guys but to me it's sweet sangat2..  Please dont have a jealous heart wokeyh.. Well it's a dream for every girl out there to have this sweet moment..  to be treated specially.. to be appreciate... So how's my future husband will propose me..?? Candle light dinner? Screaming in front public? or just simple as "let's get married" haha..

Back to this video, my eyes start watering ok.. so touching..Photobucket So even i dont know them but i would like to wish that both of u'll be happy ever after!! Congratulations!!

p/s: happy to see other happy..