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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My First Class.. So Rude Management

Tarikh: 19/01/2011
Tempat: My own world
Mood: WTH


Hello guys..!! Today is my rejoice day http://www.smileycodes.info.. because i dont have to go to work. huurrayy for me... ah. sangat kasihan melihat keadaan diri ni hehe.. Ok as promised, i have to attend KPP class today.. Alaa sebelum nak buat test computer kan nak kena dengar ceramah2 tu... Luckily orang yang duk bagi ceramah tu jenis lawak2.. At first tengok muka.. adoii confirm cam tegas2.. So time passes pun tak rasa.. Ah'ha i'm not the older one there.. There are a lot of them who even have white hair.. u know what i meant? It's shows that u are never too late to be what u have might been..! I am number 9.. Come earlier then they said class start at 9.00... haishh boleh tidur setengah jam haha.. So as the time came.. entered the class, sit in front (*rindu time belajar dulu) http://www.smileycodes.info and the "nagging" start..

During lunch.. alhamdulillah i've been accompanied by a girl who is 2years younger than me than she's poly student too.. i ate "NASI GORENG AYAM+TEH O" AIS=RM4.50).. luckily have stall there.. if not i have to walk and cross the road just to eat at Subaidah.. So attend the next class.. Then finish.. yess.. i thought it will finish at 4.30pm but at 3pm.. have to wait one hour for my bro to come.. So i went to "kaunter pertanyaan".. dah nama pun kaunter pertanyaan kan so boleh la bertanya.. I opened the door.. guess what??  what a surprisingly, the person in charge dont even bother to look at me.. http://www.smileycodes.info WTH..WTF la kan... i just lose my temper.. http://www.smileycodes.info ok they are chatting so i just let i be( thought that the chit chat wont take a long time.... ok this is too much they dont even bother my presence there..http://www.smileycodes.infoThankfully there's Pakcik who entertain me.. otherwise i'll look like idiot to them.. http://www.smileycodes.info i am near to them.. so damn near how can they treat me like that?  how dare? http://www.smileycodes.info I dont ask to be treated like a VIP.. but at least entertain me.. ask me " ya adik..kenapa?" totally they treat me like an idiot..maybe i look idiot to them,,hell yeah

I ask politely even i have the right to ask them rudely! i asked " ambik test komputer ni hari apa ye?".. She answered unprofessionally..perghhh berlagak cam haprak habaq hang.." kalau test komputer hari apa pun boleh ambik.. ikut u la nak ambik hari apa"..then put a piece of form with that unfriendly way.. So loathe.. Then they chatting again2..pot..pet..pot..pet.. So i just ask that Pak cik.. Pak cik tu pun duk panggil depa kot.. But they have hearing problem perhaps so they dont bother..please have some sympathy to them! so i just walk away from that room with a heart full of anger.. with no even saying thank you... Pak cik, I'm sorry.. i supposedly said thanks to u right?.. Luckily my bro came that time.. arghhhhh, if this is the last day i meet them, probably i'll give sarcastic words to them.. Just because i have to face them until i get my license.. i have to be patient.. but seriously i feel like want to say something to them!!!! http://www.smileycodes.info cool Violetrose..cool..one day they'll received something better..

p/s: kerja dekat kaunter pertanyaan buat la cam kerja kat kaunter pertanyaan..

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