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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tips:Eat Your Breakfast..

Tarikh: 15 March 2011
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dear readers..ada readers ke?? haha ada kawan2 aq la..ok today i would like to share some tips..emm i don't know whether it works on u guys or not.. but for me it's works well la..

Before that..did u have your breakfast?? "err nope i don't feel like to eat in the morning".. "err don't have time la"..whatever your reason you must take your breakfast..take it at least a little.. ikot u all nak makan apa.. but don't over limit.. don't eat nasi lemak....on weekend maybe boleh.. time ada kelas tak payah la u'll feel so sleepy nanti..sekali sekala ok kot coz' i ate it too hehe..i have undergo this experiment la.. experiment about breakfast..just to tell u guys that breakfast is related to your academic achievement too..

what?? this is ridiculous?? errr.. for me it's related..why i said so is because... during my childhood time..in primary school i don't like to eat breakfast.. i don't even have appetite to eat anything even a piece of biscuits ok..so bila dalam kelas otak pun lembab2..cikgu ajar pun tak masuk otak.. So i started to eat breakfast.. i can't remember why i can start this habit..emm advice from teacher perhaps..and guess what happen.. if before this in primary school aq selalu dapat number puluh2 atau belas2 dalam kelas(orait i know i memang tak cerdik).. bila dah praktik kan breakfast.. Syukur alhamdulillah dapat ranking 1-10..eerr don't get me wrong i don't said that u only have to eat breakfast to success in academic.. of coz' la kena study kan.. tak study mana nak pandai..breakfast is just for otak tak lembab and tak ada energy dalam kelas.. even sometimes it's not work hehe..

so aq praktikkan breakfast sampai secondary school..achievement aq alhamdulillah ok jek.. ranking 1-10.. time masuk poli la aq kadang2 skip makan sebab dah tua nak bangun awai2 pun malas so no breakfast la..haha 2la result tak berapa nak baik haha.. So i think it's good to take your breakfast before come to class.. Other than that, breakfast is also good to rise up your metabolisme's rate.. i don't know whether it happen to u.. i usually undergo defecation process after taking breakfast.. hahaha seriusly beb.. so kalau da masalah sembelit ke boleh la amalkan breakfast..

p/s: do eat your breakfast...So if you have digestion problem take your breakfast..hopefully it will overcome your problem..haha

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