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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Mandarin Class..tergeliat lidah..so creepy time

Tarikh: 16 march 2011
Tempat: My Poli
Mood: ni hao ma..


well hello.. today i have night class..for what? mandarin class ma..huk? What and why? yeah i'm taking mandarin class for only rm1 per hour..it's under GPSM..so it's quite cheap la..it's important to know how to speak mandarin nowdays especially when u stayed in penang..this class is about 2 and a half hours.. 8pm - 11pm.. i know it's late at night.. i only learn how to speak.. not to write.. it's worth la kan bayar rm1.. tak kan nak full package hehe

So i've learned about pronounciation..owh man it's so difficult.. i even feel so tired to pronouns it.. But the teacher said it's a common thing for beginner.. well aq lidah melayu so quite tough la nak pronoun exactly like chinesse..sama la kalau chinesse speak malay.. but at least sebutan tu dengaq macam sama la haha..well this is my first class so i don't have much story to tell u guys..

Ah'ha after mandarin class that end at 10.50 pm.. I, BbKiroro, budakcomel , Nadia and Siti nur pergi Nurul ikan Bakaq.. it's been a long time since i eat Kuew Teaw Tom Yam..so i've ordered Kuew Teaw Tom Yam and Sirap (jimat nih..).. perghh the taste of Tom Yam was so delicacy.. so we all sembang2 then dah pukul 12 lebih baru ingat nak balik rumah haha ish2 anakdara2 ni.. Alah pergi menuntut ilmu tak salah kan..

As i got into BbKiroro's car.. i were thinking.. oh my it's so late..nak naik lift sorang2 in the middle of the night???..yeah i know i'm so pppeennaaakuttt k.. As i arrived home err not home yet.. i have to walk to go to the lift first and the surrounding was so silent and creepy..huhu So i just acted cool... then sampai lift while waiting for the lift, my mind just thinking about creepy2 things then i couldn't act cool again so i called Si Dia.. so i have someone to talk..this is what we called.. "meneman-jarak-jauh" haha actually i want my mom to wait at me at the lift but i'm prety sure that my mom will say something like this "nek ja la..penakut sangat..dah2 nek sendiri" hahha..so i spoke with Si Dia until i arrived at my house's door..haha stop laughing at me i know i'm chicken haha...

p/s: mode in english lately is because i want to improve my english..MUET is just around the corner T_T..

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